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How to Buy a Diaper Cake

I have put together a video buyer's guide entitled "How to Buy a Diaper Cake". I did this to create a standalone guide that would help people who are beginning their baby diaper cake or baby gift buying process. In the video I start with a basic definition about what a diaper cake is. We still get emails and phone calls from people innocently asking how many people does of our our newborn diaper cakes feed. Or another popular question is: "Do I have to refrigerate a diaper cake?" We don't mind responding to these questions, I attribute them to folks not really knowing about diaper cakes and how they are used as baby shower centerpieces or for baby gift giving. I continue on to discuss the types of diaper cakes (layered and folded) as well as a discussion about diapers that are used to make them. Even though I am showing our diaper cakes in the video, the video is not a sales pitch for Lil' Baby Cakes. Instead, I offer what I feel are practical considerations when buying a newborn diaper cake along with shopping tips about shipping, site security, and diaper cake customization. There are many styles of baby shower diaper cakes and many different places they can be purchased. I also mention eco friendly diaper cakes and diaper cakes made with printed diapers to show the difference between those diapers and Pampers from an appearance perspective. I hope you find the video instructive. Your comments are appreciated and are welcomed. Don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance on any baby diaper cake question.