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About Us | Handmade Diaper Cakes

making a lil baby cake diaper cake

If you are reading this, you are just a little curious about us?  Let me share with you a little bit about Lil’ Baby Cakes and bit about myself.

Lil’ Baby Cakes is celebrating it’s 24th year on line. Which means we have been designing and creating diaper cakes a long time. We have had the fortune to ship our designs to thousands of new families as baby gits from their relatives, friends, and business colleagues.

We have seen the diaper cake marketplace change also through the years with the introduction of Etsy and Amazon. But we have stayed true to our mission of offering unique gifts that stand out from the rest, by using name brand products such as Pampers, Gund, Bearington Bear, Ebba Plush, and Johnson products.

Yes, you will see other diaper cakes that are created with ribbons and bows with paper cut outs, but we pride ourselves in designing cakes that offer plush items only found at upscale gift shops. For us, these lovable plush items can last as cherished gifts long after the diapers are gone. It’s been heartwarming to receive phone calls asking if we can provide one of the teddy bears or other plush items originally received as part of their diaper cake. As you can imagine, the baby (now a toddler) has either lost the plush toy or simply worn it out! For us, it’s a wonderful confirmation that the family received a memorable gift that stands out. While flowers, onesies, or outfits may be nice gifts to send, it’s great to hear that some of ours have a place next to the growing toddler.

We have also learned lessons along the way. For instance, we no longer ship internationally. We did ship internationally for years and our products arrived perfectly to many places around the world. Examples include Canada, Australia, Singapore, England, Brazil, and Spain to name a few. Unfortunately, we also learned that many of these countries charge customs on incoming items! This meant the recipient had to pay these duties as we nor the gift buyer had any idea if/when a duty would be assessed. Imagine receiving a gift and then having to pay a duty charge before you can even get to open it!  So, we ultimately decided to keep our business within the 48 contiguous states.

We also have some philosophies that have guided us throughout the years. For example, we do not drop ship any other companies’ cakes.  (Anyone can do that). Instead, our passion is around designing and hand assembling each and every diaper cake we sell.  We like having control of the entire process (except for shipping of course).  We believe our customers appreciate receiving a genuine gift experience from a small business that prides itself on its' products.

Secondly, we also get asked “Why do you stick with the traditional tiered diaper cake designs?” While we like different design concepts, we believe the traditional tiered cake design is conducive to shipping without damage.

Other designs ideas feature twists and turns to manipulate diapers into all sorts of shapes/sizes. In our opinion, none of these lend themselves to safe and stable shipping. In the end, we want to provide our diaper cakes with 100% usable Pampers, received by the new family in perfect condition upon receipt.

As the owner of Lil’ Baby Cakes, I have had the honor to welcome new babies in an indirect way. I have owned Lil’ Baby Cakes for the last 16 years. It is wonderful to work with so many wonderful business clients that put their trust in me to offer the most memorable gift they can send.

Having spent 22 years as a purchasing manager at one of the Big 3 automakers I gained the skills to work directly with suppliers, understand logistics, budgets, and product packaging. All these areas are needed to run a small business. I know my past has assisted me with my present love--Lil’ Baby Cakes. This business allows my creative side to design and bring to market diaper cakes that stand out from the rest.

Thank you for taking your time to read about Lil’ Baby Cakes and me as the owner. No business runs solely with one person, but I am the face to this team. I thank my team that assists me with technical and the day to day operations.

Please know that you are the most important aspect of Lil’ Baby Cakes. We would love to assist you when welcoming a new life.