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In this day and age of impersonal internet shopping, drop shipping, and selling other people's stuff, we've adopted our business by some guiding principles that we believe fit the gift buyer looking for a trusting reliable partner. After all, the birth of a baby is one of life's cherished celebrations, so you want the gift you buy to be perfect in every way.

Every design we offer has originated with our team. We don't copy other people's designs nor sell any diaper cakes except our own. This means you get exactly what is pictured on our site, no games, no substitutions, no middlemen, and no drop shipping from companies you never heard of.

Unlike big box stores and other party supply companies, you can be assured we design, build, pack, and ship your order in house. If you need a small design tweak, no problem, just let us know and we will work to accommodate your request.

It all starts with stacks of Pampers Swaddler 1 diapers arranged to resemble a traditional tiered cake. We then begin the fun part: Decorating. The first step is to decide if we will design a cake for a boy, girl, or gender neutral. Many times I will decide on a theme in advance and then work with my suppliers to find just the right combination of "ingredients" to construct the cake. I have always loved some old favorites such as  Winnie the Pooh. This character is always popular and works for either a boy or a girl baby gift. I'm particularly fond of the classic Pooh bear as I enjoy using this bear instead of the more contemporary Pooh which you can find just about anywhere. Plus when it comes to colors, the classic Pooh bear is a light brown which allows me to better match ribbon and bows. It just adds a bit more distinction and elegance to the design.

Of course besides Pooh, you can probably guess I am also fond of other animal themed cakes. For example, you can find our monkey theme in three colors. We offer a pink themed design, a teal  themed design, and a green themed design. Each includes a plush monkey called Mambo from Gund. The Gund brand is a classic favorite and has been around for over 100 years. Their product line makes great gifts for the baby for many years to come. Each cake comes with matching ribbons and bows as well as  Burt's Bees or Johnsons baby care products depending on the design.

Another popular theme is based on jungle / safari designs. I love the colors in these designs as its fun building designs around these themes. It is great to work with the variety of animal print ribbons and the great plush animals that adorn these cakes. Our popular Safari theme cake is offered in 4 and 5 tiers. The Welcome to the Jungle cake offers animals that make noise. It is a great cake that offers a variety of jungle animals whose noise will entertain the new baby.

You will also notice that we add blankets, bibs, washcloths and other baby care items to add more variety and selection. Some diaper cakes come without plush toys by design. This provides the buyer with another level of selections that can be used as baby shower centerpieces. We offer two, three, and four tier designs that are popular for this segment. We hear from customers periodically about the diaper cake still in baby's nursery as a decoration long after the baby shower. What started as a baby gift ended up as a decoration. It's all about pleasing the new mom and I think it's great they have decided to use one of our baby diaper cakes in this fashion.

At Lil' Baby Cakes it's all about creating a fun baby gift buying experience for you, our customer. For the new mom, our expectation is a memorable and unique baby gift that simply stands out from all the rest. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed when you purchase from us. If not, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We've been online since 1999 by placing the utmost value in our customers and in the quality of our product. We are driven to total customer satisfaction and our stand behind our product.

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