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Why Everyone Loves Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers

As much fun as baby showers can be to attend, they are equally fun to plan and prepare for. There is a world of possibilities for how to celebrate together with the soon to be parents for their anticipated bundle of joy. You get to decide on different decorations, the types of napkins and plates, balloons, confetti, and a myriad of other wonderful pieces that will make your baby shower the best that’s ever been hosted!

The traditional baby shower planning typically includes a themed cake, but have you ever considered a themed cake of a different sort? A traditional cake is certainly nice, but it’s always done, and once the shower is over, it’s usually thrown out. How about a diaper cake instead? Diaper cakes for baby showers are a creative and fun way to celebrate a soon-to-arrive or newly arrived baby in a colorful, practical and useful way!

Anatomy of a Diaper Cake

Are you scratching your head and wondering, "What is a diaper cake?" A diaper cake is exactly what it sounds like, a cake made of diapers! The cake starts with the appropriate number of diapers individually rolled or wrapped together, and then they are used to build the number of tiers in the cake. Most cakes are typically less than four tiers, but larger diaper cakes are available too.

After the tiers are constructed, the diaper cake is then decorated to the specifications of the ordering party. Ribbons, bows, themed items, lovely hues of colors, and essential baby care items are added to the diaper cake tiers to coordinate with a little one’s nursery, a hosted baby shower’s décor, or a similar baby-themed event.

Once the diaper cake decorating is completed, the practical and fun cake is carefully packaged and shipped out to be shared with the mom-to-be and her loved ones, friends or co-workers at a baby shower, other type of event, or as a wonderful gift to opened!

Useful & Practical Diaper Cakes

How are diaper cakes for baby showers both useful and practical?  Well, let’s take a look at a few of the ways…

Less Mess
The thoughtfully designed centerpiece or gift is comprised of diapers, useful baby goods and/or cute decorations. Just like a traditional baked cake, diaper cakes can be decorated to be gender-specific or gender-neutral. But, unlike a baked cake, there’s no mess (no icing or crumbs to clean up) with a diaper cake, and no wasted food!

Put Them to Work
A baby diaper cake is often decorated with useful baby items, for example:

  • Shampoo
  • Baby powder
  • Lotion
  • Baby wash
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Plush toys
  • Pacifier keepers
  • Bibs
  • Hats
  • Booties
  • Burp cloths
  • Blankets
  • And more!

As soon as the diaper cake is disassembled, mom can put these travel sized decorations to work! What’s not to love about the fact that nearly every aspect of the cake can be used to help in the care of mom’s little angel? Our decorations are brand new out of the package, so if the receiving mom discovers the items in her cake are not especially useful to her, they can be conveniently handed off or shared with another new mama instead!

Diapers, Diapers, Diapers!

As soon as the diaper cake is disassembled, mom can put these travel sized decorations to work! What’s not to love about the fact that nearly every aspect of the cake can be used to help in the care of mom’s little angel? Our decorations are brand new out of the package, so if the receiving mom discovers the items in her cake are not especially useful to her, they can be conveniently handed off or shared with another new mama instead!

Theme it for Baby
A cake that is less mess, can be put to work immediately, is made of diapers, diapers, diapers and it can be themed, too?  What’s not to love?!  The diaper cakes can be specialized for boys, girls or designed for gender-neutral themes, perfect for those showers where the gender will be revealed once everyone is together.

  • Diaper Cakes for boys: if the mama-to-be knows she is expecting a little boy, then it may make sense to theme the diaper cake in traditional hues of blue and green, construction implements, with dinosaurs, cowboys, or similar styles of decorations.
  • Diaper Cakes for Girls: when a little princess is expected, consider a diaper cake featuring pinks and purples, butterflies, polka dots and similarly themed decorations.
  • Gender Neutral Diaper Cakes: if the gender of the baby is to be a surprise, or you prefer to keep colors neutral, then surprising the expectant mother with a diaper cake featuring soft shades of yellow and green, or polka dots and stripes, would be just delightful! You can even craft cakes that cater more to mom and dad’s interests than the baby, such as holiday or sports themes.

Once you have selected an appropriate theme for the décor of the diaper cake, next you will need to decide the purpose of the diaper cake. Will you use it as the party centerpiece, wrap it up as a thoughtful gift for mom and baby, or use it in tandem with a traditional baked cake to entertain the shower recipient and her guests? 

If you plan to use the diaper cake as a party centerpiece, a world of possibilities awaits you! We offer a variety of colors, decorations, and diaper cake sizing from which you can choose. Using diaper cakes for baby shower centerpieces facilitates the ability to match the party decorations and invitations to the cake as well. Don’t forget that diaper cakes can be themed to the baby’s gender, too, in order to further personalize the diaper cake centerpiece!

Wrapping the diaper cake up and giving it to mom and baby as a gift is an excellent opportunity to really express not only your excitement, and gratitude for being included in this wonderful occasion, but your continuing love and support as your proud parents welcome a new addition to the family. If you are aware of a theme for the baby’s nursery, selecting a cake that complements the nursery can make for an unexpected and delightful surprise for mom!

Match your cakes

Planning for both a baked cake and a diaper cake does not need to be tedious. Match both of them to the baby’s gender, nursery theme, mom’s favorite colors, etc. Or, simply coordinate the cakes to each other, and build the remainder of the baby shower’s decorations to match the cakes. Surprise and delight mom and her guests with a delicious baked cake and a coordinating, adorable diaper cake. They are sure to be hot topics for conversation long after the baby shower is over!

Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers

We have touched a time or two on the fact that diaper cakes can make great gifts, shower centerpieces, and of course, a useful complement to a traditional baked cake at a baby shower. Baby showers are often hosted for family, friends and loved ones, and there is a growing number of baby showers planned for expecting co-workers, and other types of nontraditional venues, where a diaper cake will work every bit as effectively.

Office Baby Showers

Yes, co-worker baby showers!  We spend a lot of time with our co-workers during the work week, and when a co-worker is expecting a new baby, we want to celebrate!  Office baby showers often run up against time constraints, space limitations, and similar challenges that you may not necessarily have to deal with in a traditional shower for friends or family. One of those challenges may be the need for a quick and easy clean-up. Often, a traditional baked cake for an office shower is not a practical option, as you’re going to be worrying about crumbs, space to put the thing, and trying to get rid of whatever people don’t eat, or take home with them. Enter the diaper cake!  No messy icing, crumbs, and such - so no clean up required!

And, just like a traditional baked cake, a diaper cake can be dressed up to match the baby’s nursery, tailored to the mom-to-be’s favorite colors, decorated to surprise and delight – the sky's the limit when it comes to the possibilities of the diaper cakes for baby showers!

A diaper cake is not only a fun centerpiece for an office baby shower, but could serve as a thoughtful gift from a group of co-workers to the expectant mother. All of the guests could go in together to put money towards the cost of the cake, and in selecting just the right diaper cake for the office shower’s guest of honor.

In-Home/Venue-based Baby Showers

Just like office baby showers, a baby shower hosted at someone’s home or at a rented venue is the perfect opportunity to include a diaper cake. Think of the fun you’ll have as the new momma walks in, along with her unsuspecting guests, to find one of these fabulous cakes adorning her party! While diaper cakes for baby showers are becoming a more common occurrence at baby showers, they are still a new concept to a number of baby shower guests. Diaper cakes are a great conversation starter!  Therefore, not only will the guest-of-honor enjoy the diaper cake experience, but so will her guests.

Other Baby Events

Diaper cakes are not only for baby shower centerpieces and gifts. They are great additions to other types of baby-oriented events as well:

Baby baptism parties
Blessing Ways
Baby Expositions/Trade Show Booths
Baby Naming Ceremonies
“Baby Welcome Home” Parties/Celebrations
Infant Adoption Celebrations/Parties
Baby Sprinkles
Time to Order a Diaper Cake

Are you thoroughly convinced that one of our diaper cakes is the perfect solution for an office baby shower centerpiece; or a group gift to an expectant co-worker; or the accent you need for that in-home shower you are planning for your loved one? Now’s the time to choose your theme and order a diaper cake!

You can conveniently shop by gender on our site. We also recommend which cakes in our catalog of options we believe will make the perfect selection to use across a wide array of situations, including great holiday gifts or baby shower and event centerpieces. Additionally, we offer a handy map, along with pertinent shipping information, that lets you know how many days you need to pre-order your cake, based upon how long it will take you cake order to arrive.

Since our diaper cakes are made-to-order, the moment we receive your order we'll get started on your order right away. Normally, our handcrafted cakes are completed, checked for quality, and on their way to you in 48 hours or less! We look forward to working with you to surprise and delight your loved one, co-worker or friend with a thoughtful diaper cake gift!