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Woodland Themed Diaper Cakes by Lil' Baby Cakes

Lil' Baby Cakes Woodland Theme Diaper Cake Banner

A woodland theme has become increasingly popular recently due to its charming natural aesthetic and peacefulness. Parents-to-be appreciate the addition of rustic and organic elements, as well as a nod to the simplicity of nature, making it a perfect fit for those who enjoy the outdoors or appreciate a simple and elegant vibe.

Another reason for its popularity is its flexibility in design, allowing for a variety of different interpretations. Whether it's a whimsical fairytale setting complete with gnomes and pixies, or a more modern interpretation featuring sleek and minimalist décor, the woodland theme can easily be adapted to suit any style.

All of these factors combine to make a woodland baby shower or nursery a delightful option for parents-to-be who want the elements of the great outdoors as the environment for welcoming the new baby.

Woodland Diaper Cakes - A Popular Theme for a Baby Shower and Nursery

Lil' Baby Cakes is pleased to offer three woodland diaper cakes featuring the great outdoors and the wildlife that roams the forest:

  • Forest Black Bear Personalized Diaper Cake

  • Woodland Themed Personalized Diaper Cake

  • Fox and Friends Personalized Neutral Diaper Cake

Whether you're looking for a baby shower centerpiece, a gift to send from coworkers to a pregnant employee, or something to surprise a family member mom to be, this baby diaper cake has everything you need to delight anyone who loves the great outdoors.

The following paragraphs provide an overview of each.

Forest Black Bear Personalized Diaper Cake

Now you can introduce the newborn to nature with our Forest Black Bear Personalized Diaper Cake.

This 4-tier fully assembled diaper cake is specially crafted for newborn baby care and beautifully adorned with black, red, and white colors to resemble a tranquil forest. The black plush bear adds a touch of adventure, symbolizing the untamed wilderness.

Inside, you'll find 72 Pampers Swaddler Size 1 Diapers, a 1.7 oz. bottle of Johnson baby shampoo, a premium washcloth, and two receiving blankets - one white and another featuring an adorable red and black tree pattern.

To make it even more amazing you can personalize it with baby's name and bring it to a baby shower to use as a centerpiece or simply offer it as a gift once the baby is born.

Woodland Themed Personalized Diaper Cake

Need a practical baby gift for adventurous parents who want to give their little one a sneak peek of the exciting outdoors? Then checkout our Woodland Themed Diaper Cake. This unique baby gift comes with two adorable furry forest animals: a plush brown moose and plush black bear.

Aside from being an adorable addition to the nursery, this 4 tier diaper cake stocks up baby care essentials with 72 Pampers Swaddlers diapers (Size 1), a Johnson's baby shampoo (1.7 oz), and a super-soft washcloth to make bath time a breeze.

At Lil' Baby Cakes, we understand the importance of creating a personalized gift for the mom to be at a baby shower or to send when baby is born. That's why we offer free personalization on this delightful Woodland Themed Diaper Cake. You can add the baby's name when you place your order to make your gift selection stand out from the rest.

This charming fully assembled diaper cake measures 12 inches wide and 16 inches tall and comes wrapped in white tulle to make it gift-giving ready. Bring a touch of the outdoors with the Woodland Themed Diaper Cake.

Fox and Friend Personalized Neutral Diaper Cake

Introducing our Fox and Friend Personalized 4 Tier Diaper Cake, our last woodland theme that's sure to delight guests at a baby shower or even as a centerpiece.

The centerpiece of this tiered diaper cake is a plush fox that will steal your heart and earn a prominent spot in any nursery. Packed with Pamper Swaddlers size 1 diapers, washcloths, Johnson baby shampoo, and a fox paci clip, this diaper cake stands 12 inches wide and 16 inches tall.

It comes beautifully wrapped in white tulle for effortless gift giving and is handmade to perfection. Like our other two designs, you can personalize this selection to include baby's name.

What the New Mom Receives

We'll hand assemble your diaper cake upon ordering so you (and the new mom) are assured your gift will come with diapers fresh from the package. Upon completion, your diaper cake will be wrapped in white tulle, and shipped with the utmost care, so it's ready for gifting upon arrival.

We never include any pricing information in the packing box so your transaction details are not shared. Of course you can include a special gift message that we will include with your order an no extra charge.

If you have any questions about Lil' Baby Cakes or about the diaper cakes we covered in this article feel free to reach out by clicking on our contact page.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Many Diapers Does it take to Create a 4 Tier diaper cake?

A. A typical 4 Tier diaper cake is make with 72 diapers. The most popular method of creating the diaper cake is using the folded or wrapped method. This is in contrast to a rolled diaper cake whereby each diaper is individually rolled and then usually held together with a rubber band. In the folded or wrapped method the diapers are arranged on each tier by wrapping them around a center pole to build out the tier from the center outwards. The process is then repeated for the other remaining tiers. The woodland theme designs featured in this article are all made using the folded/wrapped method.

Q. Should I do a DIY Diaper Cake or Just Buy an Fully Assembled One?

A. Certainly you can make a DIY diaper cake. There are many instructional videos on You Tube you can follow. Here's a typical how to make a diaper cake video. Also, sites like Pinterest provide many examples to draw inspiration from should you wish to make your own. However, many folks are crunched for time or don't have the wherewithal to make their own diaper cake. In this case, a fully assembled diaper cake provides an alternative that is fast and easy to order. Of course we prefer you use Lil' Baby Cakes, however, there are many sites offering fully assembled designs.

Q. Do People Still Do Diaper Cakes?

A. Diaper cakes continue to be a popular baby gift for showers and for welcoming the new baby home. Whether you create a DIY diaper cake or elect to purchase a fully assembled product you can be sure the new family will appreciate the gift of diapers. Afterall, the typical newborn uses 10 diapers a day, so in one month that approaches 300 diapers! Unlike clothing or other more personal gifts, a diaper cake makes a useful and practical gift the family is sure to use.


  • Woodland themed diaper cakes are increasingly popular due to its charming natural aesthetic, flexibility in design and ability to fit many styles.

  • Lil' Baby Cakes offers three designs: a Forest Black Bear Personalized Diaper Cake, Woodland Themed Personalized Diaper Cake, and Fox & Friends Neutral Diaper Cake.

  • Each cake features 72 Pampers Swaddlers diapers (Size 1), a Johnson's baby shampoo (1.7 oz.), a super-soft washcloth and an adorable plush forest animal(s).

  • Personalization is available at no extra charge on each cake.

  • All Lil' Baby Cakes are handmade to order with Pampers fresh from the package and then wrapped in white tulle for effortless gift giving.

  • Creating a DIY diaper cake is an option or purchase one of Lil' Baby Cakes’ fully assembled designs as an alternative fast and easy way to obtain a gift for the mom-to-be.

About Lil Baby Cakes

Lil' Baby Cakes has been designing and creating diaper cakes for 24 years, shipping our unique designs to thousands of new families as baby gifts. We have strived for a boutique gift experience around our product line to differentiate from mass produced gifts.

All our diaper cakes are design and hand assembled in our design studio. This means we control the whole process from start to finish to maintain quality and to ensure a great gifting experience for our customers and for the new family.

We only use name brands such as Pampers, Gund, Bearington Bear and Johnson products. These products are used because new families trust these brands and can use them with confidence.

Whether your a business looking to recognize an employee/client, or friends and family looking for a unique baby gift to send, we welcome you to browse our diaper cake designs.