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Give your new parents an excuse to “Rooooar” in delight with our lion themed diaper cakes! The new little prince or princess will feel like the new king or queen of the jungle as they cuddle up with these adorable lion plush toys, made by the expert craftsmen at GUND. Dad and mom will also be thrilled, because they’ll have a fresh stock of Pampers diapers for when things get really wild in the jungle of parenthood. And finally, we’ve included some great baby lotions, powders, and shampoos so that baby’s parents can keep that ‘baby mane’ looking fresh and clean!

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Each of our diaper cakes is crafted by hand to match the product pictures that we showcase, so that you get exactly what you want. We never make substitutions or alterations without your say-so. We use size 1 Pampers Swaddlers to construct our cakes, and the number of diapers needed will vary based on how many tiers are used. Our diapers are fresh out of the packaging, and case be used as soon as your cake is received. Baby will get a lion animal plush toy by GUND, while mom and dad enjoy an assortment of baby care items from Burt’s Bees and Johnson.

All of our diaper cakes are made in a studio space free of cigarette smoke and other tobacco products, as well as pets and pet dander, so there’s no risk of allergens or toxins clinging to your diaper cake. Please allow 48 hours for your cake to ship after you’ve ordered, followed by an additional two to five days to arrive at your selected destination. We offer bother UPS Ground and USPS Express shipping at checkout, and you can view shipping rate information on our Shipping Page.