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Baby Shower Party Ideas

Are you planning a Baby Shower, or looking for some new ideas? Well, we've included some tips on making your Baby Shower a day of FUN for everyone. Plus, we have some creative Baby Shower games, Decorating tips, baby shower diaper cakes, and even cake ideas for the next shower you give or attend.

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Everyone will be talking about your gift at the party.

For a fun and different twist on a baby shower theme, here is something new - Celebrity Baby Showers! This theme works particularly well if the mom-to-be has a particular celebrity she likes or admires, a favorite movie of all time, weekly T.V. show, or soap opera which she likes to keep up with...

How about a cute diaper cake as a centerpiece for your baby shower?
Here are some great diaper cakes that work well as centerpieces.


Instead of Pin the tail on the Donkey, how about Stick the lips on the Celebrity?

Just bring a magazine photograph, movie advertisement, or T.V. Guide cover of the favorite celebrity to your copy store. Have it blown-up to poster size for the game. Next go to the drug or craft store and purchase some lip-shaped stickers. Then play Pin the Lips on the Celebrity the old fashioned way. It's a fun twist on an old favorite.

Hire a make-up artist, facialist and/or a manicurist to come and treat mom to a makeover! It's the ultimate treat for someone who has not been able to touch her toes in months...a PEDICURE. Guests can also make arrangements to participate if they wish. After all, the words "Celebrity" and "Pampered" are synonymous with one another!


Set the mood with a strip of red carpet from the curb to your front door! If you don't have any laying around, do what the Academy Awards does, and rent some, or you could even buy an "end-roll" (remnant) of UN-printed newspaper from your local newspaper office, and spray paint it red.

Buy a few yards of gold lame fabric, and drape the Star's chair with it. (Tie a satin ribbon around the back, slipcover style). Any table looks fancier when decorated with some tulle twisted and draped around, then sprinkled with some sequins or rhinestones.

Be sure to provide a FEATHER BOA (from mail order or craft store), as well as an inexpensive "Diamond" tiara for your guest of honor: the Celebrity Mom. A pair of dime store sunglasses, which have been decorated with rhinestones, will complete the look!

If there are older children or teens attending they may want to get in on the fun and be her personal assistant for the event. They can greet guests and take their "wraps", make sure the Celebrity Mom doesn't run low on food or drink, move wrapping paper away when the gifts are opened, or assist in any other way needed.


Get the guests in the spirit too, this is an event to remember! Tell them to dress up in their fun furs, glitziest jewels, and big sunglasses, as they will be walking the red carpet! An assistant may even play the part of the paparazzi, and snap a photo of each guest as they walk towards the front door.

Cardboard stars, sprinkled with gold glitter look wonderful, as do her favorite (life-size) celebrities standing around. (taken from magazine photos, as described under "games")

Some cute invitation ideas are:
You are invited to the exclusive private screening of the soon to be released, epic production starring: (moms name)!

List the date and time.

For location you can put This invitation is your admission to the top secret back-lot of (hostesses name) studios. AKA: (hostesses address).

Dress: Hollywood Red Carpet Glamour (dress like a celebrity with sunglasses, gloves, fun fur, evening jewels, etc) The Fashion Police may be there, so dress for the "Best Dressed List". (You can give a prize to the best celebrity impersonation if you wish).

baby shower

HandOther Fun Stuff: Like Food!

A fun twist would be the classic baby-carriage cake, saying:
Now in production!
Jeffrey III
Starring Mary Smith and Jeffrey Smith II!

The Marx Brothers "Animal Crackers" might be a fun addition for a Groucho fan, or some (Count of) "Monte Cristo" sandwiches for that film. How about Eggs Benedict (Arnold), or "loaves and fishes" (gourmet bread with lox), You can also try angel food cake if she is a fan of the "7th Heaven" T.V. series, or Grapes (of wrath) always make a nice addition, etc. You get the idea.

Favors should be more towards quality than quantity. (i.e. 2 pieces of individually wrapped Godiva chocolates), as opposed to a bag of M&M's. You can also buy extra pairs of dime store sun glasses and custom decorate them with rhinestones for each guest as a memento of this most memorable baby shower!