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Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake Recipe

One particular concept is designed and shaped to create the look of a pregnant stomach, and is features a rounded cake being placed over a rectangular cake base to engineer the visual effect. These combined features are then frosted together to complete the design, and is referred to as the Belly Baby Shower Cake idea. Here's a recipe you can follow from youtube. It's divided into two parts and both are included below.

Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake -- Part 1:


Baby Belly Baby Shower Cake -- Part 2:

The popularity of the baby belly shower cake is due to the natural and novelty elements. As a design concept, it's easy to produce and personalize to suit a particular shower or party. Their fun and novelty shapes help to attract the attention of adults, and suit the light hearted and genial nature that a baby shower is meant to induce.

They can also be made in a range of different flavours from variable ingredients, with carrot cake, ice cream cake and chocolate cake amongst the most popular for baby shower cakes. In terms of their taste and ingredients incorporated, baby shower cakes are made with an emphasis on indulgence and rich buttery flavor combinations.


Extra help:

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