Diaper Shower - A Great Alternative to a Traditional Baby Shower

Have you been put in charge of a baby shower for a friend or coworker? If so, you are going to have to make some choices about the shower theme, the food, and the decorations. You will also have to help the parent-to-be decide on a gift registry list. Unless, of course, you decide to make things easier on everyone by having a diaper shower.

Diaper showers are a fun, yet practical way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Rather than buy an overabundance of outfits that only get worn a few times before the baby grows too big or wandering in the baby department trying to figure out the best gift, a diaper shower allows guests to buy exactly what the expectant parents need most – a large supply of diapers!

Every parent needs diapers and they aren’t reusable. According to statistics, the average newborn uses 8 to 10 diapers a day, so a diaper shower is a wonderful way to get expectant parents a year’s supply!

Who Has Diaper Showers?

Although any expectant parent can have a diaper shower, most are held to celebrate the birth of a second, third, or fourth baby. Typically, experienced parents have most of the items they need to care for their new baby, making it more difficult for friends and family to buy a useful gift. Nonetheless, people still want to celebrate the newest arrival, so a diaper shower is a great way to go.

Who else might have a baby diaper shower?

• Parents-to-be that have received a large number of hand-me-downs
• Someone who has already been honored at several other baby showers
• Someone that is still unsure about what products they wish to use with their newborn
• Someone that prefers to buy their own baby products to meet certain specifications
• Many fathers are now having their own showers, with their guy friends bringing a pack of diapers as a gift

Baby Diaper Shower Invitations

When planning a baby diaper shower, the biggest thing you need to do is communicate with the guests. This is typically done through an invitation, whether bought, made, or placed online. Although diaper showers are becoming more popular, some people may still be confused.

Baby diaper showers do not come with a gift registry. Therefore, it would be helpful to make a list of acceptable baby diaper items so that guests know what to bring. Here is a good list to help you get started:

• Baby diapers: If the parent-to-be has a diaper preference, such as the Pamper Swaddlers, be sure to list the brand. It’s also important to remember that babies grow quickly, so having guests buy diapers in different sizes increases the odds that the parent-to-be will be ab;e tp use all of the diapers received.
• Baby wipes
• Travel size wipes
• Diaper rash cream
• Baby diaper cake
• Diaper bag

Decorating for a Baby Diaper Shower

When it comes to the theme of a baby diaper shower, it can be absolutely anything. You can think about the sex of the newborn, the time of year, the nursery decorations, or even just something that makes the parent-to-be happy such as a jungle theme or baby giraffes.

Once you know the color and theme, it is time to think about specific decorations. When it comes to a diaper shower, an obvious choice for a table decoration that will then double as a gift is a baby diaper cake.

At Lil’ Baby Cakes, diaper cakes are made from Pampers Swaddlers to form 2, 3, 4, and 5 tier cakes. Once the base of the cake has been created, they are decorated with baby products to fit the theme. Depending upon the cake size and style, it can feature 40-110 diapers, bottles, baby shampoo, baby lotion, pacifiers, rattles, or small stuffed animals by Gund. Diaper cakes are most often made with disposable diapers, but this type of baby shower gift can also be created with cloth diapers if this is what the expectant parents prefer.

For instance, the pink Two Owls Baby Diaper Cake, perfect for baby girls, contains 42 Pampers Swaddlers, a plush pink owl by Gund, a matching owl paci-clip, and a Johnson’s travel set of baby care products, which includes baby shampoo, wash, lotion, and powder.

A baby diaper cake is great for:

• Centerpiece for the food table
• Centerpiece for the gift table
• Several small diaper cakes for each guest table
• Any area that needs a cute decorations

Once you have the baby diaper cake ordered, it is a matter of adding some balloons, stuffed animals, streamers, and/or flowers to complete the look.

You can find unique diaper cakes to fit every budget at Lil Baby Cakes. Our selection includes diaper cakes for boys, diaper cakes for girls, gender neutral cakes, and diaper cakes arranged by sizes. Our commitment to originality and attention to detail ensures that every cake is a work of art that's guaranteed to earn rave reviews from the expectant parent.

Baby Diaper Shower Games

In keeping with the idea of diapers, you should definitely prepare a few diaper games for the guests to play. Here are a few of our favorites:

Diaper the Baby: Competing in pairs, have guests try to diaper a baby doll using a cloth diaper and pins. The hitch is that each guest puts one hand behind their back and works with their buddy to finish the task. The fastest time wins.

Guess The Candy Bar: Melt chocolate candy bars into disposable diapers, then have guests guess which candy bar is in each diaper. This produces a lot of laughs as guests stick their noses in the diaper to decide what it contains! The most right answers wins.

Diaper Bag Psychic: Fill a diaper bag with different baby items. Have the guests feel the bag, shake it, and lift it in the air – but don’t let them look inside. Each guest then writes down what they think is in the bag. Each correct guess is worth one point, and the guest with the most points wins.

Mystery Diaper: Place 10 baby care items each inside of 10 disposable diapers. Seal up the diaper with tape to keep the item from being seen or falling out. Pass around the diapers, allowing guests to feel the diaper to determine what is inside. The guest who guesses the most items wins.

A baby diaper shower is the perfect way to honor someone having a baby with gifts that are needed and wanted. Definitely consider throwing a baby diaper shower for your expectant friend or coworker, and decorating using Lil’ Baby Cake baby diapers. It’s a shower that can’t go wrong!