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Can You Really Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

Baby Gender
A popular trend among couples is gender selection. The theory behind gender selection is that methods can be used to choosing sex of the baby before conception. Can you really pick a gender before becoming pregnant? Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD is a scientific method that half of the fertility clinics in America are using to allow couples to choose the sex of their baby. The process is also used to screen for genetic defects among embryos. Banned in several countries including Canada and Britain the practice is causing a major debate among experts. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine oppose using the method for gender selections.

Some of the Craziest Methods Employed

Old wives tales tell us there are many ways to choosing sex of the baby without the use of modern medicine and are certainly more fun. Conflicting stories are rampant among the old wives tales while one might tell you to eat meat for a boy another tale might say to eat meat to conceive a girl during pregnancy. There is no hard evidence whether any of these methods work, although the internet poll takers seem to agree that they work in about 50% of cases. Some of the most popular ways to pick a gender without the use of PGD are quite fun and, some, even amusing. Check them out!


  • For a boy mom and dad should eat red meat, for a baby girl they should eat fish and veggies.
  • For a girl both partners should eat avocado peels before the attempt, for a baby boy avoid them.
  • For a boy the male partner should consume caffeine, for a girl he should avoid it.
  • For a girl both mom and dad should partake in sweets during pregnancy, for a boy they should salty foods.

Doing the Deed

  • If the male initiates sex it will be a boy, if the women initiates it, a girl.
  • For a girl the woman should be on top, for a boy the man.
  • If the male has an orgasm first the baby will be male, if the female orgasms first the baby will be female.
  • For a girl, the males testicles should be cool to produce cool sperm, for a boy they should be warm to produce warm sperm.
  • For a boy do the deed when there is a quarter of the moon, for a girl do the deed on the full moon.
  • For a girl have sex in the afternoon, for a boy at night.
  • For a boy have sex standing up, for a girl use the missionary position.
  • For a girl attempt conception on an even day of the month, for a boy go for an odd day.
  • For a boy do the deed with moms head facing south, for a girl moms head should be facing north. Not sure about east or west. One of each maybe?
What experiences do you have with gender selection? Have you had success in choosing gender or have the old wives tales failed you? Share your thoughts with others.