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Did You Know these Fun Facts About September Born Babies?

Fun Facts about September Born Babies

September Masthead

Children born in September carry an aura of charm and intellect that's truly unique. With autumn leaves beginning to fall and a new academic year starting, these little ones are ready to make their mark in the world.

From exhibiting strong intellectual and creative skills to possessing an unmatched interest for learning, they truly stand out. In this post, we discuss what makes September babies unique, from their astrological signs to science-proven personality traits. Plus, learn important September dates in history, as well as birthdays and more.

Introduction to the September Baby

As you know, September is the 9th month of the year and also the final quarter of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it marks the beginning of autumn and the end of summer. In the Southern hemisphere, in countries like Argentina or South Africa, it's the start of spring. The autumn equinox typically falls on September 22nd or 23rd.

In many parts of the country, leaves are beginning their annual color change. It is a wonderful month to have a baby, as the hot weather is behind and cooler temperatures are starting.

Get ready: September also means that the holidays are just around the corner. By December, your newborn will already be a 3-month-old infant, so remember to take a lot of holiday photos to capture memories.

History of September

The name September comes from the Latin word "septem," which means seven. Why seven? Because September used to be the seventh month in the old Roman calendar, which began in March. The old Roman calendar was used until as late as 153 B.C. Even though the calendar was eventually adjusted to add January and February, turning the seventh month to the ninth, the name September was not changed.

Okay, so you won't be able to tell much about your baby's personality based on history. But it can be fun to know that your baby was born on the same date as significant historical events. Here are a few big ones in September:

  • VJ Day (September 2, 1945): "Victory over Japan," which marked the end of World War II.
  • Patriot Day(September 11, 2001): Remembrance for victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
  • Treaty of Paris signed (September 3, 1783): The official end of the American Revolutionary War.
  • S. Constitution approved (September 17, 1787): Delegates from 12 states voted unanimously to approve the constitution.
  • Creation of United States Army (September 29, 1789): Congress created the first official U.S. Army following the Revolutionary War, consisting of 1,000 enlisted men and officers.

September Babies Have Several Birth Flowers

September Birth Flowers

September has several birth flowers: the forget-me-not, the morning glory, and the aster, all of which represent forms of love. Specifically, forget-me-not flowers represent love and memories. Aster also represents love, wisdom, and faith.  While morning glory flowers can be given to share a significant milestone in life.

These birth flowers are all considered to be passionate flowers due to their vibrant colors and spectacular blooms.

A September Baby's Birthstone is the Sapphire

September Sapphire Birthstone

The birth stone for the month is the sapphire. Sapphire is usually envisioned as a brilliant blue stone, but it also comes in green, pink, purple, and clear. The blue sapphire, in particular, represents clarity of thought, intuition, and peacefulness.

In certain cultures, the sapphire has been believed to have medicinal properties and has been used to treat fevers and inflammation. Black sapphire is seen as a grounding and protecting stone. Some believe that sapphire reduces anxiety and procrastination and gives the wearer good luck.

September Babies' Horoscope Sign is Virgo and Libra

September Zodiac Signs

A baby born in September is either Virgo (August 23-September 22) or Libra (September 23-October 22). Here's what this could mean for your baby's personality traits in the future, according to the zodiac:

Born Between August 23 - September 22

Virgo is a mutable earth sign which is ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgos are well known for their industrious, reliable natures. If a Virgo is given a task, as a child or as an adult, he or she will work toward completion and excellence of that task. Virgos seek the same excellence in their interpersonal relationships as they do in their work and studies, but they tend toward being more critical of other people than they are of themselves.

What do Virgos look for in others?

They seek stability, and this is true in the workplace and in the home as well. If your baby is a Virgo, it will be your job to provide a stable environment as he or she grows up (the same for all zodiac signs, really, but your little Virgo will especially crave that stability). When your child becomes an adult, that stability will be carried on to his or her own family.

Born Between September 23 - October 22

If your newborn is a Libra, he or she will likely have very clear ideas of what is right or wrong, and will seek for balance in interpersonal relationships. Libras work toward harmony at home and at work, and are very interested in the people around them.

If you have a Libra child, make sure to remember that he or she may not express everything in the interest of preserving the peace, so you should take extra care that he or she is happy in the deepest sense.

Both Virgos and Libras are very harmonious signs, so you can look forward to a balanced and personable child.

Low Depression but Heightened Irritability

Not everybody believes in the tenets of astrology, and that's okay. If you're curious what other factors might contribute to your September baby's personality, simply look to science. Research has shown that people born in certain months tend to display similar patterns of personality traits.

So what does this mean for babies born in September? Here's what the data tells us:

  • Low levels of depression: Babies born in the fall, including September, tend to be less depressed as adults, research shows. Similarly, they are less likely than people born in other seasons to develop bipolar disorder. Scientists don't yet have a reason why this may be. But some believe it may have something to do with how our species has benefited from harvest season, when food and nutrients are most bountiful.

  • Irritability: They may not get as depressed, but September-born people can get irritable. Research shows that those born in the fall tend to experience higher rates of irritability.

It's worth noting that this research applies to adults, not babies, and they're based on patterns, not definite personality traits. Your baby's personality will naturally blossom over the next few years, as influenced by a wide range of factors, from genetics to the other personalities in your home.

Their Weight May Be a Bit Less Than Average

Although babies who weigh less may be at a higher risk of complications, it's important to note that not all of them will be born with a low birth weight.  According to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia babies born below 5 pounds 8 ounces are considered low birth weight.  

It Is Likely That They Were Conceived in either December or January

Winter, with its snow spells and chilling icy winds, has always been known as a season for lovers. It's not surprising then, that experts claim there are higher conception rates during the colder months. Maybe it's the cozy atmosphere or the desire to start or grow a family as part of our New Year's resolutions.

Some even attribute it to the occasional "contraceptive slip-ups" during the festive holiday season. Whatever the reasons may be, winter holds a special allure that ignites the flames of passion and brings forth new beginnings. So, embrace the magic of this season and let love warm your heart!

They Are Taller Than Others

A study conducted in Spain shows that babies born in September tend to be taller than the average baby. This might be due to the seasonal effect of summer, when there is an abundance of sunlight and warmth which can help in stimulating growth hormones.

It's also possible that this could be a result of good nutrition during pregnancy or even genetics. Whatever it may be, tall people tend to have higher self-esteem and more success in sports, so it could be an advantage for your September born baby!

Your little one may not reach their full height until college age or even later. So, don't forget to keep feeding them healthy meals and giving them enough rest as they grow up. That will ensure that they get the best start on their journey towards adulthood.

They Have a Higher Susceptibility to Allergies and Asthma

According to, research suggests that individuals born in the fall season may have a 30% to 90% higher likelihood of developing allergies to milk, eggs, or peanuts. Furthermore, another insightfulstudy indicates that babies born during autumn could be approximately 30% more prone to asthma. These findings shed light on the potential influence of birth season on health outcomes, underscoring the importance of further investigation in this captivating area.

They are Athletic

September Born Babies Tend to be Athletic

September born children are said to possess greater athletic prowess, granting them a distinct physical edge, according to The Guardian. Interestingly, those kids born both in November and October appear to be the most physically fit, potentially posing some healthy competition for your child on the field.

If your September-born baby is sporty, be sure to encourage their interests and provide them with a safe environment to practice and play in. That way, they can achieve the best of their potential and make an impact on the world through sports.

You could also look into enrolling your child in a sports club or association, where he or she can receive quality coaching and further develop their skills. With the right guidance and support, your little one could become a sports star in no time.

Your September Baby Could be Fame-Bound

It's always fun to know when your baby is born on the same day as famous people born in the past. From late night talk-show hosts to fashion icons, September babies have a higher likelihood of achieving success in life due to their determination and ambition. Here are some of the names you'll probably recognize:

  • September 1, 1957: Gloria Estefan
  • September 2, 1964: Keanu Reeves
  • September 8, 1157: King Richard I, King of England
  • September 9, 1941: Otis Redding
  • September 16, 1956: David Copperfield
  • September 21, 1947: Stephen King
  • September 25, 1931: Barbara Walters
  • September 28, 1973: Gwyneth Paltrow
  • September 29, 1948: Bryant Gumbel
  • September 30, 1924: Truman Capote

Other Notable Public Figures with July Birthdays

  1. September 1, 1946:Barry Gibb, singer, songwriter, member of the “Bee Gees”
  2. September 1, 1950 – “Dr. Phil” McGraw, TV personality on “Oprah Winfrey” and “Dr. Phil” shows
  3. September 1, 1939: Lily Tomlin, actress, comedian
  4. September 1, 1933: Conway Twitty, country singer
  5. September 1, 1923: Rocky Marciano, champion boxer
  6. September 1, 1922: Yvonne DeCarlo, actress
  7. September 1, 1908: Estee Lauder, founded cosmetics & fragrance company
  8. September 1, 1931: Boxcar Willie (Lecil Travis Martin), country singer
  9. September 2, 1917: 1923 Marge Champion, dancer, actress

When Will My Baby Reach Certain Developmental Milestones?

Once you know your due date, it's easy to predict when your baby will hit various developmental milestones. Yes, every baby is unique and if you have multiple kids, then you know how differently their development can be in those first few years. Still, you can use general timelines to predict roughly when these big events will occur. Here's when your September baby will:

  • Crawl: Most likely between April and July of next year (7 to 10 months)
  • Walk: Probably sometime between summer and Christmas (about 9 to 15 months)
  • Smile: Not too long now! Your baby's first smile (not from gas) should occur before the end of December (6 to 12 weeks)
  • Eat solid food: Probably sometime between January and March (4 to 6 months)
  • Laugh: Get ready! Baby's first laugh should come by the New Year (approximately 4 months)

Important Dates in September

Labor Day in USA

September has its fair share of significant dates and celebrations. Here are some of the most interesting dates that parents like to know when they're expecting a September baby:

  • Labor Day: Celebrated on the first Monday of September, Labor Day is a U.S. national holiday that honors workers. It's also considered the unofficial end of summer, when many American children go back to school after the summer break.
  • Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19): Ahoy! Among the more bizarre holidays, this one has become one of the most well-known around the world. The celebration involves just what you think: talking like a swashbuckling pirate.
  • Rosh Hashanah: A 2-day holiday, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish civil New Year. It's a celebration of the creation of life, occurring each year 163 days after Passover.
  • Yom Kippur: Known as the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur is the holiest day of the year in Judaism and for many means 25 hours of fasting and prayer. Each year, it begins at sundown on the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tishrei, 9 days after the first day of Rosh Hashanah.
  • Oktoberfest: Beer lovers know that Oktoberfest in Germany actually begins in mid-September, and ends the first weekend of October. So, your baby's arrival is the perfect time for a toast: "cheers!"
  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day: This food-lovers holiday is held annually on September 20.
  • National Comic Book Day: Who doesn't love a good comic book? This popular holiday is celebrated on September 25.

Also notable in September: the start of the NFL season and "Baby Safety Month."

There Is a Higher Probability of Premature Birth in September Born Babies

According to a study published in the National Academy of Science, it turns out babies born in the fall and winter hang out in their mothers' womb for about a week longer than those born in the spring and late summer. Pretty cool, right? It just goes to show how seasonal variations can have an impact on gestation periods and the fascinating world of human development!

They Have a Greater Likelihood of Excelling in School

Scientific research suggests that individuals born in September tend to achieve early developmental milestones more significantly compared to those born in earlier months. Furthermore, they reportedly have a 20% higher likelihood of gaining admission to elite schools. So, if you're a parent, now might be a good time to start saving up for your child's future educational expenses.

September Babies May Live to be One Hundred Years Old

According to a study by, individuals born between September and November have a higher likelihood of reaching the remarkable age of 100! Isn't that amazing? University of Chicago researchers found this out after interviewing over 1,500 centenarians.

Surprisingly, most of them were born in the fall. This could be because they were exposed to seasonal infections early on, which helped build their immunity. So here's to a happy and healthy life! It looks like September babies have an advantage over summer born babies in the longevity game.

What's the Most Popular Birth Day in September?

According to extensive birth data collected over a span of 20 years in the United States, it has been established that mid-September is the prime time for birthdays. Notably, September 9th stands out as the most popular day for births, closely followed by September 19th. These findings highlight the excitement and joy surrounding birth month this period, making it an excellent time to celebrate life's milestones.


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  • Conclusion

    September is a wonderful month to welcome a new baby into the world! With autumnal temperatures and plenty of interesting dates, there are many fun facts about September babies.

    Babies born during this season may have some extra advantages, from being more immune to infections or having a higher chance of living up to 100 years old. They also share their birthdays with famous people and even have a higher probability of achieving success in life. All in all, parents-to-be should look forward to this festive season when their little bundle of joy arrives!

    Summary About September Born Babies (Our Disclaimer)

    It's important to remember that September astrological signs, birthstones, and birth flowers are symbolic and do not necessarily align with the personality or characteristics of an individual. Likewise, research presented in this article is not meant to be all inclusive and only provide for additional context.

    Each person is unique and should not be judged or generalized based on their month of birth.  Every baby will grow into their own individual self, with their own unique characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses—that's what makes us all special.

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