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10 Unusual Baby Names

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is deciding on a name. Couples find many ways to decide on a name including compiling lists, creating names by combing words and adding letters, and some just wait until they hear a name and know that is what they should name their children. While it seems the trend is that parents are falling in love with traditional names many parents choose to stray off the beaten path.


Where to Find Unusual Baby Names?

Names can come from virtually anywhere. There are thousands of websites dedicated to baby names and parents can use online creators to scramble any word into a name. Many people are naming their babies after days of the week or months in a year. Trees, Plants and flowers are another favorite among new parents. Biblical and Victorian names are increasing in popularity as well. The Social Security Administration publishes a list every year of the most popular baby names in America. Surfers can use the search function to look up a name and see how many Americans were given your favorite name. While there are no official lists published for 2010, surfing popular mom-to-be and parenting forums one can easily tell what the trends are. Finding unique names can be a bit trickier.


Here's Our Lil Baby Cakes Top 10 Unusual Baby Names

  1. Akira- Japanese in origin meaning intelligent. Traditionally a name for a male, Americans are breaking the tradition and bestowing the name on their daughters
  2. Gareth- Traditional Welsh name for a boy meaning gentle
  3. Henrique- The Portuguese equivalent of Henry in America
  4. Jade-a unisex name meaning Precious Green Stone
  5. Luna- a female name that is Latin for Moon.
  6. Mace- a male name of French origin meaning Club
  7. River- a unisex name with the literal meaning of River
  8. Rowan- a unisex name in America however originating from Ireland as a traditional boy name and refers to the Rowan tree
  9. Ryce- meaning powerful this traditional Anglo-Saxon boy name is making headway in the search for unique baby names
  10. Willow- a unisex name meaning Willow Tree

The Buzz for Second Names

Many couples are going for the extremely rare and unique names and try to match up middle names that sound great with the first and last name. This is not an easy task in some cases. More often than not parents like to use family names for the middle names here are some suggestions on popular family names as middle names:
  1. Akira Marie
  2. Gareth Jacob
  3. Henrique Allen
  4. Jade Leah
  5. Luna Rose
  6. Mace George
  7. River Nicole
  8. Rowan Michael
  9. Ryce John
  10. Willow Elizabeth
Since naming a baby is a major endeavor it would be wise to research the various names and meanings before committing to any given name. However many people have names come to them in dreams and they just know that is what they should name their child. Discuss and Share the most unusual baby names youve heard! What are your experiences with naming little ones? Comment and share with a buzz of mommy and daddies-to-be on our website! Who knows what exotic new baby name you might discover for your newborn baby.