Plain Diaper Cakes

We offer plain diaper cakes so that you can decorate your own design quickly and easily. Making the diaper cake can be time consuming, especially when you don't have the materials you need to construct the cake laying around the house. When you order one of our plain cakes, you get a professionally made base cake to start from. You can add your own ribbons and bows to make your own custom design without the hassles of buying the diapers and materials to make the cake.

The new mom is sure to appreciate your own finishing touches whether it be a certain color, ribbon, or theme. We have also found customers who order plain diaper cakes because they like the simplicity of the design. They may not know the gender of the baby yet or are unsure of the particular tastes the mom may have about colors or themes. The new moms still enjoys all the benefits of the diapers in a practical sure to use gift.

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