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Let's Celebrate the New Arrival

We Simplify Workplace Baby Gifting. Period.

  • Sending a workplace baby gift shows your coworker's they are valued and appreciated.
  • Yet, generic, impersonal baby gifts can leave them feeling just the opposite; unappreciated and undervalued.
  • Learn how we can help you delight your employee with a thoughtful, workplace appropriate gift the new family will love.
pregnant at work

Is the "Recognition Robber" Stealing Your Ability Send Recognition?

Meet the Recognition Robber.  He's very skilled at preventing you from being able to find a workplace appropriate gift when the baby arrives. 

See if any apply to your situation:

Adds doubt to your gift selection process

Then makes you doubt your selection after you found a gift

Zaps your time with interuptions so you can't shop for a gift

Makes it hard to find an thoughtful and workplace appropriate gift

Steals your ability to customize a gift idea.

Limits the time you can spend searching for branded gifts.


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Meet Sarah

Sarah is a pregnant employee balancing work as well as the demands a pregnancy can bring.

Pregnant Woman at Work

Sarah has been a dedicated employee for the last three years at her company. As she embarks on her pregnancy journey she will face many challenges. 

Like all employees, she naturally wants her company to be inclusive and appreciate her work contributions.

And when the baby arrives, she certainly wants to feel like her employer cares and shares in her joy. 

However, finding a welcome baby gift that resonates on a personal level and makes her feel valued can be challenging.
Gift cards or mass-produced gifts can come across as a "check the box" solution that may not convey the heartfelt recognition she deserves.

Do You Struggle with These Workplace Gifting Challenges?

stress at work.jpg__PID:acd52225-38d7-4748-bf9d-38ff8010acc9
  • Not sure where to begin
  • Taking time away from an already busy day
  • Worries about making the wrong choice
  • Wondering how it will be received
  • Starting the process all over again for each employee 
  • Stuck with a current solution and don't have time to find a better alternative.

Meet Candy

I'm the owner and creative director at Lil' Baby Cakes.

Since 1999, Lil' Baby Cakes has been creating our unique style of handmade gifts to welcome a new baby home.

I understand first-hand the never ending tasks that occupy a work day.  I lived it for over 20 years working in Corporate America.

I also understand the importance of making your employees and coworkers feel genuinely appreciated and valued.

Fostering strong workplace bonds, is a common goal for all companies that believe in recognizing their employees, especially those celebrating a newborn.

We've helped over 700 businesses recognize a workplace baby with a thoughtful and practical, sure-to-use gift the new family will love.

Here's how we can help you.

baby diapers

Did you Know?

The average newborn needs 10 to 12 diapers a day just in their first month! 

But sending a box of diapers isnt' the most elegant gift to receive.  While practical, it doesn't really scream baby gift in the traditional sense. 

But what if there was a better way to send a gift of diapers that the new family would be proud to receive? 

That's were Lil' Baby Cakes comes in.

Woman Holding a Lil' Baby Cake

What we Do

First, we know that all newborns need diapers.  Plenty of them.  However, gifting a box of diapers isn't the most elegant gift. And that's where we come in.

We take Pampers Swaddlers brand diapers along with ribbons, bows, and other baby care accessories, and arrange them into layers to resemble a traditional cake.

The end result is a thoughtful and adorable workplace appropriate gift you can be confident sending.

How we Do It

Every Lil' Baby Cakes design originates in-house giving us complete control over the styles and themes we offer. This means if you want a simple change to a ribbon or color, we are happy to make it for you.

In addition, each Lil' Baby Cake is meticulously handmade when you order, conveying a personal touch the new family is sure to appreciate.


Something for Everyone

We currently offer an assortment of 50+ designs, all featuring different themes and sizes. 

Our collection also includes personalized designs, which allow you to add baby's name for a more upscale experience.

There's something for every budget at attractive price points.

Did you Know?

The average newborn using.  But sending a box of diapers isnt' the most elegant gift to receive.


What we Do

We take the simple gift of diapers and transform them into an adorable design the new family with love.


What the New Family Receives

Your selection will be artfully gift wrapped prior to shipment providing you a boutique-like gift buying experience without leaving your office.

To illustrate, a baby girl Lil' Baby Cake is shown wrapped in white tulle with matching ribbon and hang tag.  It's ready to ship to the new family.

You can also add a personalized gift message from the "team" sharing your congratulatory thoughts and well wishes.

BTW, after all the diapers are gone, the newborn will have a plush animal* to grow with, adding a lasting memorable touch to your gift.

Your employees will be thrilled you found such a unique, yet practical gift to send.

* Available on most designs

We Offer a Broad Range of Styles and Price Points

We currently offer an assortment of 50+ designs, featuring different themes, colors, and sizes.

Our collection also includes personalized designs, which allow you to add baby's name directly to the product for a more upscale experience.

There's something for every budget at attractive price points.

Lil' Baby Cakes Welcome Baby Arrangement

Now's the time to get ready to share in your valued employee's new bundle of joy. 

They'll feel genuinely appreciated and connected to your company.  Not to mention, grateful that you found such a thoughtful and memorable gift to send!

Ordering is Easy as 1, 2, 3

Here's What Other Businesses Have to Say About Lil' Baby Cakes

We Also Hear from the Gift Recipients


Testimonial from a B2B Recipient

Hello there, my name is Anthony and my wife Rebecca and I gave birth to our son Vincenzo on October 3rd, 2 days before my birthday on the 5th.

We were absolutely amazed by receiving this thru my place of work. I just wanted to say thank you and give praise to the beautiful work done with this diaper cake. It was a very nice surprise and we're going to be crushed taking it apart. Again, thank you so much, it truly made our day. 

The DeLana Trio

Celebrate your treasured employee's new bundle of joy with a one-of-a-kind diaper cake gift from Lil' Baby Cakes that leaves them feeling genuinely appreciated and connected to your company.

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