Beyond the blues–the secret of post partum depression

It’s a medical condition that is surrounded by a tremendous amount of stigma. And yes, it really is a medical condition.  Until I suffered from my own extreme cases of postpartum depression I couldn’t say that it really held any sort of physical foundation.  And yes, I said case(s), plural.  With both children I suffered from extreme postpartum depression.

I’m a totally normal person typically…well, that might depend on who you ask. But I have absolutely no history of mental illness, nor do I have any real lingering effects now–except the stinging memories (or lack thereof) from the first weeks of my children’s births.  It’s sad to me, and disappointing that during those important weeks that I should have been bonding, I was crying, sleeping and forgetting–all as a result of a medical condition that I had no idea was going to get me. Continue reading “Beyond the blues–the secret of post partum depression”