Tips for Helping Siblings Cope when the New Baby Comes

As the weeks drew closer to the birth of my second child , I found my anticipation of his arrival replaced with something else–I felt afraid.  Not for the birth, but something entirely different. I found myself grieving the loss of the one-on-one relationship I had with my first child, and worrying about how different things would be when the baby arrived. Would I still have time to read to her?…What would I do when she wanted attention?… Would she think she wasn’t important anymore? …of course, those fears were easy to remedy by balancing my time and helping her feel as though she was a key part of the new baby’s life.  But handling the birth of a new baby can be a serious challenge for some older siblings.  Being a big brother or big sister may not interest them–and while some older kids take the task on full-force, others will require more hand-holding and the watchful eye of care givers to make sure everything goes smoothly. Continue reading “Tips for Helping Siblings Cope when the New Baby Comes”