Fun Facts About May Babies

Pregnant womenIs your baby going to be born in May?  If so, May is a wonderful month to bring a new life into this world.  May is a spring month in the northern hemisphere, one of the warmest spring months just before the heat of summer sets in.  The chill of winter is officially gone by May in most places.  In the southern hemisphere, May is a pleasant autumn month and offers a relief from the hotter months.

May takes its name from that of the Greek goddess Maia, whose Roman equivalent is Bona Dea.  Maia was considered a symbol of spring and fertility, both themes relating to your childbirth.  Many holidays fall in May including May Day, Beltane, a celebration of spring, and Cinco de Mayo.  Occasionally Easter falls in early May.  May is a heritage month for South Asians, Asian Pacific Americans, and Jewish Americans.  There are also some fun pop culture events like Zombie Awareness Month and the annual Eurovision contest!

If you’re a May baby, your birthstone is the emerald and your flower is the Lily of the Valley.  Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness, innocence and purity.  Emerald symbolizes love and fortune.  Emerald is considered a deflector of negative energy and an attractor of abundance, harmony, and love.  Emerald is worn to bring inspiration and to provide healing, patience, truth and wisdom in relationships.  If worn with diamond, the power of emerald can be amplified.  In folk remedies, emerald is recommended for blood and heart problems, childbirth, and detoxification.  It is a stone loved by ancient cultures for thousands of years.

Your zodiac sign is either Taurus (April 20-May 20) or Gemini (May 21-June 20).  If you are a Taurus, you are an earth sign, and you share the stability of the earth.  You may tend toward conservative choices, but you make a loyal and lasting companion.  In intense situations, you keep a level head, but if pushed over the line, you can explode.  If you have a baby in May who is a Taurus, you can expect him or her to perform well in school and later in work, particularly if a stable environment is provided which matches the Taurus personality.  Some famous Taurus personalities include Ulysses Grant (April 27) and Audrey Hepburn (May 4).

Gemini is a mutable air sign, and in many ways quite the opposite of Taurus.  If you are a Gemini, odds are you are energetic, fast paced, and constantly striving to learn new things.  You draw information and people together and can entertain and inform others.  You may become easily bored with tedious tasks or leave tasks unfinished unless they are very compelling.  If you have a Gemini baby in May, you can look forward to a child who will master the skills of communication early and learn at an incredible rate.  Your Gemini child will have a magnetic personality, but may neglect school tasks or chores (or relationships) unless constantly given new, exciting aspects to keep him or her engaged.  Famous Geminis include John F. Kennedy, (May 29), Marilyn Monroe (June 1), and Judy Garland (June 10).

Whether your baby is an energetic Gemini or a grounded Taurus, he or she will bring a unique inner strength to life as a child and later as an adult!

Congratulations to all expectant moms due in the month of May.