Finding Baby Shower Ideas Using Community Based Sites

One of the best things about planning a baby shower in this day and age is the access we have to information on the Internet. No longer do we need to rack our brains coming up with fun and interesting baby shower ideas because all that we need to know can be found online. I have done other blog posts about sites that offer baby shower information so I thought this time I would focus more on community based sites.  Blogs, forums and social networking sites are the perfect example of this.  With this in mind I am providing you with five community like sites where you can find baby shower ideas.
This site has an excellent section with community forums and bulletin boards. Both have a regular stream of activity and they are filled with useful baby shower ideas that are contributed by other Internet users. Forums are an excellent way to interact with people from all over the world. Plus, it is great if you have a question and can’t find the answer because you can post and wait for a response.
This is a site that has hundreds and hundreds of pages on plenty of topics of interest for those planning a baby shower.  Just go to the home page and use the search feature and you will find tons of information.  You may have to do some pruning along the way as some of the pages are hit and miss but nonetheless there is plenty to pick from.
Here’s another excellent resource for people who are planning a baby shower. I recommend you search the term baby shower from the home page you will get a huge list of lenses that you can read and contribute to. The lenses cover everything from food to free clip art. What’s nice about Squidoo is you can get plenty of different perspectives on virtually an unlimited amount of topics.
This is a great site if you are looking for a place where you can find baby shower ideas and ask questions. In the Parties and Entertaining section of their site they have an entire folder of how to articles for baby showers. You can read the articles and comment on them. Plus, you can even sign up for an account and write your own articles to share your knowledge and make a little extra cash.
This is a very well established site and is a great resource for moms and expectant moms. I think it is definitely one of the fastest growing social networking site for moms online. You can use this site to connect with other moms, share ideas, advice and support. It is a great resource for getting baby shower ideas and beyond. It is essentially Myspace for moms.

Well there you have it.  Granted it’s certainly not a complete list but it’s a start on some pretty solid ones.  Maybe you know some other sites.  Feel free to add your comments or other suggestions.

3 Baby Shower Games to Get the Party Started

Planning a baby shower can be a fun and exciting task.  However, one potential challenge is coming up with baby shower games that will liven up the baby shower and get your guests chatting.  Ideally, you would want to find baby shower games that are fun and conversational.  This will help mesh the different groups of attendees together into one unified party group.

Here’s 3 baby shower games you can play to get your shower started on an upbeat note:

Guess the Baby Food
Guessing games are a great way to get people talking at a baby shower.  One of the best baby shower games that involves guessing is called Guess the Baby Food.   To play this guessing game you need to purchase several flavors of baby food and then remove the labels from the jars.   Number each jar and it’s corresponding label so you know which jar contains which ingredients.   Provide each guest with a piece of paper, pen and spoon.  Have each guest taste or smell each jar and then try to guess the contents of each jar.   The person with the most correct guesses wins.

20 Questions About Mommy
One of the things that everyone at a baby shower has in common is they know the mother to be.  For this reason, baby shower games involving mom are very popular.  A game called 20 Questions About Mommy is a wonderful way to see who knows the guest of honor best.  Here’s how it works.  Have the mother to be answer twenty questions about herself.   The questions can be of your choosing, but some ideas would include things about her food cravings, or baby name preferences.  Keep her answers secret and give all the guests a quiz.  Have the guest of honor read her answers aloud after all the attendees have taken the quiz.  Again, the person with the most correct answers wins.

Don’t Say Baby
One of the best baby shower games is either called Don’t Say Baby.  To play this game each guest will be given a diaper pin to wear on their shirt when they arrive at the baby shower.  They will be instructed to not say the word baby at all.  If they say the word “baby” another shower guest can take their pin, and likewise if they hear another shower guest say “baby” they can do the same.  At the end of the baby shower the person who has collected the most diaper pins wins.  This game gets people laughing, and it is much more difficult than it sounds!

Well I hope you will find these games interesting for your baby shower plans.  You can obviously use these baby shower games as is or tailor them to help create a memorable baby shower.  Enjoy!