Top 3 Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Planning a baby shower is hard work, but if you choose the right baby shower theme it can be fun and exciting. Naturally, if you know the sex of the child you are welcoming it makes the planning process that much easier. In this post, I’m suggesting the following top 3 boy baby shower themes to help get you started.

  1. One of the most popular baby shower themes for boys is sports. For many people boys and sports go hand and hand, so this a natural choice. The possibilities for this shower theme are endless. You can make invitations in the shape of a football or another type of ball. Plus, you can ask the guests to bring sports related items for the baby like tiny footballs or local sports team jerseys in infant size. This is a great theme to consider if you are having a coed shower, but it also works well in general.
  2. Planes, trains and automobiles are all among the popular baby shower themes for boys. Let’s face it, little boys love playing with cars, boats, trains and planes, so this is a natural choice for both nursery decor and shower theme. For this theme you can hang airplanes from the ceiling to decorate, and pick your invitations to feature a plane, train, car or boat.
  3. Many people choose an animal theme when they are planning a baby shower for a boy. Animal baby shower themes vary greatly because you can choose safari animals, sea animals or domestic animals like cats and dogs. This is a particularly great theme if the mother to be is decorating the nursery in an animal theme. You can ask each guest to bring a stuffed animal for the decor.

There are obviously many other boy baby shower themes that you can choose from when you are planning a baby shower. The important thing to remember is what the mother to be will like and what fits her personality style. For instance, you don’t want to pick a sports theme if her and her partner are not at all interested in sports. The best thing to do when choosing a shower theme is to look at the mother to be’s nursery theme and the pattern choices she has chosen on her registry. Keeping her in mind will ensure everything goes smoothly and that the day is memorable for her.  We have a special section on our site featuring diaper cakes for baby boys.  You can check it out for more theme ideas and as centerpiece ideas for your table decor.

Top 3 Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Planning a baby shower can be fun, exciting and hard work all at the same time. The first thing you need to decide before you can start moving forward with your planning is which baby shower theme you will be centering your shower around. The following are the top three baby shower themes for girls:

  1. Often when the parents to be find out they are having a little girl they think of their impending bundle of joy as their little princess immediately. For this reason, one of the most popular baby shower themes for girls is a princess party. You can easily find princess theme shower invites and paper goods online. However, to ice the cake on this shower theme consider having your guest each bring a princess theme book along with their shower gift.
  2. Another one of the common baby shower themes for baby girls is angels. Similar to the princess theme, this theme is centered around parents viewing their little girl as an angel. You can really have some fun decorating a shower with an angel theme. You can hang cut out angels from the ceiling, get a cake with an angel decor and give an angel theme shower favor.
  3. By leaps and bounds the most popular of all the baby shower themes for girls is centered around the color pink. You can have a “pretty in pink shower” where all the guest are instructed to wear something pink and bring a pink outfit for the baby, or you just do a generally pink themed shower. The possibilities are endless with this theme.

As a closing note, if you are planning a baby shower for a friend or family member it’s important to consult with the expectant mother. She may have her own preferences when it comes to the shower theme. In addition to this, she may already have chosen a theme for her child’s nursery. If this is the case you may want to consider infusing the nursery theme she has chosen into your baby shower plans. If the shower is a surprise these are decisions you will have to make on your own, but if the expectant mother is aware a shower is being planned you may want to ask her if she has any preferences when it comes to her shower theme.  You can find some additional ideas by visiting our diaper cakes for baby girls page.  You can check it out for more theme ideas and as centerpiece ideas for your table decor.

3 Great Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces

There are many things you can use for a baby shower centerpiece. Here’s 3 great ideas to get you started on your way to planning the perfect baby shower.

If your shower has a festive theme, you can use balloons! I mean after all, what’s a celebration without balloons? Here’s all you need to do. Tie a stack of colorful balloons to a weight and place them on your table. Sprinkle some confetti around them or other decorations that you can find at your local discount party store and you have a simple, inexpensive solution. If you are working on a limited budget, then balloons are a great idea. You can even anchor the balloons on each table with any presents you may have received in advance of the baby shower. The great thing about this idea is your gifts will be wrapped with beautiful baby themed paper that can be perfect for creating an inviting focal point on each table.

You can place a selection of your favorite flowers and arrange them in a beautiful basket. You can find these baskets at your local craft store. If you have a theme color you can incorporate it to the décor of your flower arrangement. Flower arrangements can add a fresh colorful touch to your table. You can add baby things such as toys, socks, washcloths, and baby bottles to make your centerpiece more festive and to match the theme of your shower. Don’t worry if you’re not creative. You can always buy these floral centerpieces ready-made online. Usually, you can find a wide variety of colors and themes that fit most popular themes.

Diaper Cake

Another centerpiece that is popular in baby showers is a newborn diaper cake. It’s our personal favorite. (psst, is that any surprise?…lol) Now, understand that a baby diaper cake is actually not an edible cake. It is a set of diapers arranged to resemble a traditional tiered real cake. The cake is then decorated with plush toys, baby newborn care items, and of course ribbons and bows. When it comes to diaper cakes the sky is the limit in terms of styles and choices. Plus the great thing about the diaper cake is that the diapers can then be used by the mom after the shower. This creates a very practical choice for the centerpiece as virtually nothing goes to waste.

The occasion of a baby shower is a happy occasion for a new mother and the baby on board. These 3 ideas can help move your decision process forward in planning a memorable baby shower. Get creative and have fun selecting your baby shower centerpiece using these tips.