Breast or Bottle? Making the best decision for you

I don’t think you will disagree with me when I say that there is a lot of pressure to breast feed.  Many women long to nurse, while others just don’t feel the same way.  Not for any particular reason, except that they just don’t feel that breast feeding is for them.  That said, I don’t know if you have decided to breast or bottle feed your new addition, but I’m sure you have given it some thought by now.  If  you haven’t here are some facts about both breast and bottle feeding to help you decide. Continue reading “Breast or Bottle? Making the best decision for you”

Tips for Helping Siblings Cope when the New Baby Comes

As the weeks drew closer to the birth of my second child , I found my anticipation of his arrival replaced with something else–I felt afraid.  Not for the birth, but something entirely different. I found myself grieving the loss of the one-on-one relationship I had with my first child, and worrying about how different things would be when the baby arrived. Would I still have time to read to her?…What would I do when she wanted attention?… Would she think she wasn’t important anymore? …of course, those fears were easy to remedy by balancing my time and helping her feel as though she was a key part of the new baby’s life.  But handling the birth of a new baby can be a serious challenge for some older siblings.  Being a big brother or big sister may not interest them–and while some older kids take the task on full-force, others will require more hand-holding and the watchful eye of care givers to make sure everything goes smoothly. Continue reading “Tips for Helping Siblings Cope when the New Baby Comes”

Comic Relief for Expectant Moms: 3 Funny Pregnancy Stories

There’s no doubt that pregnancy and childbirth can be a stressful experience.  While the first several weeks allow for the planning and fun of preparing for a new baby, as the day gets closer every mom begins to wonder to herself “can I do this?” The stress, and lack of control that comes with bringing a new baby into the world brings about some pretty amazing situations–some funny,and some that are just unbelievable.  Here are three of the most memorable for me… Continue reading “Comic Relief for Expectant Moms: 3 Funny Pregnancy Stories”

Fun Facts about April Babies

spring babyIf you’re expecting a baby in April, congratulations!  April is the first full month of spring and is a time of renewal and growth.  Easter generally falls in April.  Both the religious and secular celebrations of Easter symbolize new life.  Baby chicks and bunnies are symbols of Easter and also make wonderful plush toys for your new baby!

April is believed to take its name from the Latin word aperire, which means “to open.”  April is the month when blossoms open and new leaves appear on barren trees.  Colour and life return to the northern hemisphere as the southern hemisphere moves into autumn.  It is also thought that the name may be a reference to Aphrodite and that the month may have been originally called “Aphrilis,” or “Apru,” after the goddess’s Etruscan name.

Along with Easter, there are many other holidays in April, quite a few of them with religious significance to various traditions.  These include Passover, Buddha’s Birthday, St. George’s Day, Good Friday, and St. Mark’s Eve.  Other holidays that fall in April include April Fools’ Day, Earth Day and Arbor Day.  April is National Poetry Month and National Poetry Writing Month.

If you were an April baby, your birth flowers are the daisy and sweet pea which bloom in April, spattering the earth with color and adding their sweet scent to the air.  Your birthstone is the diamond.  The diamond is believed to be a great amplifier of the energies of other stones and of the wearer.  You can use diamond to amplify the positive effects of aquamarine, emerald and amethyst, as well as your own energy.

An April baby can be either an Aries (April 1st-19th) or a Taurus (April 20th-30th).  Aries is a strong fire sign.  Most Aries are curious, energetic, ambitious and restless.  In approaching their goals they act with confidence and in their dealings with others they are direct.  If you have an Aries baby, be ready to raise a bold and competitive child.  Aries usually retain their competitive natures into adulthood and carry the force of their personalities into the workplace and their relationships.  Famous Aries include Thomas Jefferson (April 13) and Leonardo Da Vinci (April 15).

Taurus is an earth sign and generally a Taurus is a stable, grounded person who is conservative with decisions and makes a deeply loyal companion.  Taurus is generally level headed even in intense situations but can be explosive if pushed over the brink.  As a child, Taurus is usually pliable and reasonable but also can be intensely stubborn.  They usually fit well into school and work situations, and thrive best in a stable environment which reflects their own inner natures.  Some well known Taurus figures include Ulysses Grant (April 27) and Audrey Hepburn (May 4).

Whether your April baby is a fiery Aries or a grounded Taurus, you are sure to find yourself with a strong willed and energetic child who will grow into a powerful adult.  As the first full month of spring, April is an encouraging month to be born indeed!

Please share your comments or your observations about April born babies.