Buying a Baby Gift for a Coworker

At some point during your career, you may be expected to buy a baby gift for a coworker. However, if you’ve never purchased a baby gift for a coworker before, you may be unsure how to proceed. How much should you spend? What kind of gifts are you expected to buy?

Today, I’m going to offer some tips about buying a baby gift for a coworker.

When should I buy a baby gift for a coworker?

Many people are unsure if they should purchase a baby gift for their coworker at all. While there is no set rule on when to buy a gift for a coworker, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. In other words, if you’re debating whether or not to buy a baby gift, you should buy a baby gift.  After all, this is a person you work with, and they are sure to appreciate you reaching out to remember the birth of her baby.

It’s also a good idea to find out what your other coworkers are doing. If everybody else is purchasing a gift, then you should probably purchase one as well or coordinate buying a group gift. You don’t want to be put in an awkward situation of buying a gift that is the same as other coworkers.

How much should I spend?

This is where your decision becomes more subjective. The amount you spend is entirely dependent on your relationship with your coworker. If you work in the same office, but you don’t have a close relationship with your coworker, then you shouldn’t spend more than $10 or $20. At that price range, your baby gift will be a simple yet thoughtful gesture on your part.

If you work side-by-side with your coworker every day and would consider that person a close friend, then you might want to take your baby gift to the next level. You’ll want to put a little more thought into your baby gift. At this point, the amount you spend isn’t so important. Instead, it’s all about how much thought you put into it.

Ultimately, your coworker will appreciate your baby gift regardless of how much you spend on it. If you’re able to give the baby a thoughtful and unique present with some emotional connection behind it, that will mean more to your coworker than even the most expensive gift.

What kind of gifts should I give?

Fortunately, this question is the easiest one to answer. There are so many different baby gifts to buy that you really can’t go wrong here. Obviously, you should figure out whether you’re buying a gift for a boy or a girl. If your coworker is having a baby shower before the birth of the baby, and if the sex of the baby isn’t known, then you’ll have to choose a unisex gift.

In many cases, your coworker will have a baby registry that you can look at in order to get gift ideas. If your coworker has set up a baby registry, then your job is easy. However, if all of the gifts on the baby registry are more than you would like to spend, then don’t be afraid to purchase your own gift.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

-Piggy banks

-Wall clocks

-Baby Clothes

-Diaper disposal systems or diaper caddies (or a baby diaper cake..wink)

-Savings bonds

-Gift baskets/gift cards

-Baby toys

-Company stock in the baby’s name


Ultimately, your gift will mean more if it has some practical use to the baby or the parents. Stay away from flowers and other frivolous gifts. Instead, find a gift with a genuine emotional connection and your coworker will be more than happy.

Third Trimester Prenatal Testing

Are all these third trimester prenatal tests necessary? It’s the common thought that runs through the minds of moms and dads-to-be everywhere.  Most commonly swamped with screenings and blood work during your first trimester, you are long past the majority of those difficult decisions by your last couple of months.  None the less, knowledge is power, and understand why you and your baby need these screenings  can help you make more informed decisions about both yours, and your baby’s care.

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How to Pick A Baby Name

Micheal? Gabriel? Nathan? David? How does one pick from the thousands of names to choose just one for their baby? Picking a name for your baby is not an easy task by. Many parents go back and forth between names while some are never able to come up with that name that they absolutely fall in love with. As your due date starts drawing closer, sooner or later you are going to have to make up you mind and pick a name for your son or daughter.

If you are having trouble picking out a name for your baby, here are some helpful tips that I came up with to help you find a name that you will love, and hopefully your child will love too!

The sooner that you start discussing names with your partner, the better chance you have at choosing a name before baby arrives. Although, some people prefer to have two or three names picked out and then decide when baby is born which one suits the baby best. This is an option for some people, but most parents like to be prepared with a name before heading off to the hospital.

Besides the all-encompassing baby books, there are some other ways to pick a baby name. Look towards any relatives or family members that you may want to honor with your baby’s name. This could be a first name or a middle name. Don’t feel pressured though, by other family members to name your daughter after your Great Grandma Mildred, as you have to remember that your child has to live with this name for the rest of their life.

If you are going to use baby books or websites to pick a baby name, then there are some things to remember. The first is that the name should flow well and be compatible. If you happen to have a last name that does not sound good with a lot of different first names, then this may be a little harder for you. On the other hand, if you have a very common and compatible name like Smith, you may have too many options to choose from.  According to the social security adminstration, here are the top 10 baby names for boys and girls in 2008.

Top 10 Girl Names for 2008

1 Jacob

Emma 2 Michael Isabella 3 Ethan Emily 4 Joshua Madison 5 Daniel Ava 6 Alexander Olivia 7 Anthony Sophia 8 William Abigail 9 Christopher Elizabeth 10 Matthew Chloe

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Also, when you do finally pick out a name for your baby, be sure to check out what the initials are for the whole name. Remember that kids, and even some adults, can be cruel and you don’t want your child being the brunt of jokes because of their name or initials.

Although picking out a baby name can seem stressful, it should be a joyful time with you and your partner deciding on a name together.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas You Can Use

When you are planning a baby shower usually one of the first things you need to do is send out the baby shower invitations. You may want to make your own invitations or you may prefer the preprinted versions where the front is already printed with a design theme and you get to add your own personal wording inside.  Either way, I thought you may like a few ideas that could help with your baby shower invitation wording.

The best way to make your baby shower invitations pop is to find the perfect baby shower invitation wording. You want something your guests will open and remember, and naturally something the mother to be will love.  The following are some examples you can use as is or modify to further personalize for the expectant mom.

Twin Baby Shower Invitations
If your friend or family member is having twins, you want something cute and catchy for the baby shower invitation wording. The best idea for choosing the perfect wording in this scenario is to choose wording that best expresses the fact that there will be double of everything. Some examples would be “Double the diapers, double the pins, mom and dad are about to have twins.” or “Twenty fingers, twenty toes, double the work, heaven knows! Four little arms to hugs us tight, four rosy cheeks to kiss each night!”. You could also go very simple with “We thought we were having one, but now we’ll be having twice the fun!”.

Girl Baby Shower Invitations
When you are choosing the baby shower invitation wording for a girl baby shower you want the wording to be sweet and cute. You can go with something like “We are tickled pink and happy to say a beautiful baby girl is on her way!” or you can try “Time for tea parties, baby dolls and dress up clothes. We are having a girl with ribbon and bows!”.

Boy Baby Shower Invitations
Most people who choose the baby shower invitation wording for a boy’s baby shower look for phrases that are funny. Some examples of this would include “Snakes, bugs, dirt and more that is what are new mom has in store!” or “Plane, trains, trucks and cars, we are having a little boy that we can call ours.” Naturally, there are many directions you can go with this theme, but the idea is to be cute and funny.

When it comes to selecting baby shower invitation wording, you can also go with something generic. Try something like “A bundle of joy is on the way, so let’s celebrate before the big day!”. Generic phrases are best if you don’t know the sex of the baby or the tastes of the expectant mom.

These simple ideas should hopefully get you started in the right direction.  Naturally, there are many other online sites you can visit for more ideas.  Need some additional ideas?  You can try this site or look here.

Gund Christmas Storytime Bear

As many of our customer’s know, we use Gund products for many of our diaper cakes.  For the Christmas season we decided to offer the Gund Christmas Storytime Bear.  This bear is really unique because it recites the classic story Twas the Night Before Christmas in an animated fashion.  It’s a great product from Gund.

I thought this would make a great gift for grandparents to give the younger kids in the family to start a family tradition of reciting Twas the Night Before Christmas.  It also would make a nice addition to a family’s holiday decorations.

We put together a video demo of the bear so that you can see it in action.  Lil’ Baby Cakes is offering complimentary Christmas gift wrapping for this bear with your purchase.

You can check out this bear along with the video at this link:  Gund Christmas Storytime Bear.

Happy Holidays,