Standing tall…how to choose the birth position for you

Being prepared for your baby’s birth may seem like an impossible task.  Certainly there are portions of childbirth that are beyond any woman’s control and that’s okay–it’s natures way of doing what it has to, and it will do that irregardless of what’s going on around it.  Because the force of labor cannot be stopped, we might as well make the best of it, and knowing how to help your baby down and out more easily can speed labor, and reduce pain as well as the need for some types of invasive medical interventions. Continue reading “Standing tall…how to choose the birth position for you”

Doin’ it with a doula–a birth coach makes a difference

Making it through the long hours of labor with your motivation intact can be a bit dicey.  Hours of pain and concentration can lead to even more hours of even worse pain and pushing (doesn’t that sound fun), but gives way to the most glorious moments in any mother’s life.  Getting through each contraction and being ready to face what’s ahead is more easily managed if you don’t have to do it alone.  Finding trusted, supportive partners, friends, or even professionals to help coach you through even the most powerful emotional and physical moments. Continue reading “Doin’ it with a doula–a birth coach makes a difference”

Doctor, doctor…picking the right provider and hospital

No doubt you have seen your doctor several times during this pregnancy.  And I would suppose that you like him or her fairly well, or you wouldn’t go back. At least, that is what I would hope. Do you know who will be delivering your baby? It’s important to at least partially get to know the staff at your doctor’s office as well as their roles.  Could you, and do you want to be delivered by a midwife, an obstetrician, or a primary care/family doctor? Do you even know what yours is?  It’s important to ask these questions and find out the answers before it’s time to say “push!”.   Continue reading “Doctor, doctor…picking the right provider and hospital”