Baby on a budget–ways to save

It seems like everything these days costs more.  Well, actually it’s not your imagination–but a very hard reality. Especially if you have been to a gas station lately–where you may have felt the financial pinch most significantly.  Of course, like gas, groceries and every other bill that comes regularly, baby supplies can take up a pretty serious chunk of your new-addition budget–but does it have to? I often hear my friends complain about how expensive their children are.  I don’t usually say anything, but I wonder in my mind–why? And yes, if you are wondering–I have two children and I rarely feel any sort of financial pinch from their existence at all.
Not every baby has to be expensive, nor does your pregnancy.  If you think having a baby is expensive, maybe it’s just you–and what you think you have to have for a healthy, happy addition to your home.  Learning to cut corners on the cost of preparing for a new baby are relatively simple if you are willing to make some concessions. Continue reading “Baby on a budget–ways to save”

Baby Summer Safety

The dog days of summer will soon be upon us, and if you will be caring for a newborn or young baby for any length of time between now and the end of September you need to understand a few key points about summer baby care. You may call some of these tips a bit obvious, but I spend lots of time with parents who simply don’t understand. Not trying to insult anyone’s intelligence, just stating the facts.

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Do you epidural?

The decision about pain control in labor is highly personal.  You may have experienced that unspoken competition between women when they swap birth stories..”I had mine all natural…” one recalls as she puffs her chest and squares her shoulders.  “I loved my epidural,” the other says while she smiles and remembers the relief it provided.  So what’s the answer? There isn’t one. Some women are dead set on going it without so much as a sniff of the narcotic vial, and others beg for drugs before they are ever really in labor. It’s just the difference in women. Continue reading “Do you epidural?”