Tips for Planning a Coed Baby Shower

For many years, a baby shower was a female only event that a man wouldn’t dream of attending. However, in recent years that has changed and baby showers no longer have to be a girls only event. Coed baby showers, also called Jack and Jill baby showers, are an excellent way to get the expectant father involved. That said, it is important to alter a coed baby shower so that the expectant father and the men invited do not feel out of place or uncomfortable. I thought you may find the the following tips helpful to start planning your own coed baby shower.

When you are planning a baby shower that is coed you want to make sure that the shower invitation reflects that. Envelopes should be addressed to the couple and not just the female, if necessary. Plus, the wording of the shower invitation should express that it is a coed shower.

Naturally, you can stick with the baby shower theme you have already chosen when you are planning a coed baby shower. If you wish, you can also alter the theme to make it a little more man friendly. For instance, you could have a barbecue rather than the standard finger foods served at showers. The guys can mingle around outside or even help prepare the grilled food. Obviously, you can still decorate, but the outdoor setting is more man friendly.

When you choose baby shower favors for a coed baby shower you want to make sure they are gender neutral. After all, not many men want to take home a little potpourri satchel for their dresser drawer (or do they? Food favors are excellent for a coed baby shower because you can still make the packaging fit the theme, but inside food is food. Consider candy, chocolate, trail mix, or bubble gum cigars.

Gift Giving
You can still stick to standard gifts when it comes to a coed baby shower. It’s important to include both the mother and father to be in the gift opening process. In addition to this, you can suggest on the invite that your guests consider bringing “dad related” wishing well items. Some ideas would include safety items so the father to be can baby proof the home.

Okay, let’s face it not many men want to play baby shower games. In contrast, however, many women look forward to them. When it comes to a coed baby shower you can still do games, you just want to alter them a little so they are more man friendly. For instance, instead of taste testing baby food for a guess gaming, you can do a bottle drinking race. Give each guest a baby bottle filled with the beverage of their choice and whoever finishes their bottle first is the winner. You could also consider a guys against girls friendly game to get them more interested.

I hope you found these tips useful if you are considering a coed baby shower. There are many websites that have additional information you can research for more ideas. Check out the articles The Coed Baby Shower and Coed Baby Shower Games for more information. Have fun!

Top 5 Websites for Baby Shower Poems

When you are planning a baby shower one of the first things that you need to do is make shower invites for the guests you are inviting. Most people like to use baby shower poems for their invites, so that their invites standout and make an impression. However, coming up with a baby shower poem on your own isn’t the easiest if you are not a poet or don’t have the time to search. So I thought I would put together my top 5 list where you can find baby shower poems and much more. Check out these sites for ideas and inspiration as you plan your baby shower:

1. is a great resource to have on tap when you are planning a baby shower. Not only does this site have a ton of useful ideas for games, gifts and planning, but they have a huge selection of baby shower poems you can use for your invites.

2. is another great website to use when you are planning a baby shower. They have several baby shower poems listed on there site as well as ideas for cake inscriptions, favors and crafts. They even have checklists you can use to stay organized during planning and food recipes for the big day.

3. is a great resource to use when you are looking for baby shower poems. This website has six full pages of poems that you can use for baby shower invitations, thank you cards, birth announcements or the actual party. They also have ideas for games, gifts and food.

4. is a great site for finding some baby shower poems that are both traditional and unique. This site also has plenty of ideas for planning a baby shower. They have ideas for centerpieces, decorations, menu planning, games, favors and they even have free clipart.

5. is a great website that you can use when you are looking for baby shower poems. This website has poems that can be used for your invitations, cake, or on your thank you cards and announcements. They have the poems divided up into categories which makes it easier for you to sort through them. Plus, the website is filled with ideas for gifts, food, games, and other decor. To top it off this site has a number of great printables and checklists that you can use for planning your baby shower and making our day fun and memorable.

One last site that you can take a look at is  I know, that makes six, but I thought I would throw this one in as a bonus.  This site also has some baby shower poems and a few stories that you may find helpful.

I hope you find this list of resources helpful in your baby shower planning.  Have fun planning.

3 Spring Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Use Spring for your Baby Shower Theme
Spring is a Great Theme for a Baby Shower

Choosing from the many common baby shower themes can be difficult, however, with spring in the air why not consider having a baby shower with a spring theme?  There are many fun directions you can choose to go with a spring baby shower theme.  To help you get started, I put together the following three themes.

Baby Animal Theme
Spring breathes life into everyone and everything.  Flowers bloom, the grass begins to grow and baby animals are born.  For this reason, a baby animal theme is perfect for a spring baby shower.  Think baby bunnies, chicks and lambs.  You can decorate with spring like animals and make a birds nest like wreath for each table centerpiece.  You can also put cuts outs of bunnies, chicks and lambs around the room.  Plus, you can make invitations in the shape of baby animals.  This is one of those baby shower themes that allows you to get really creative.

Rain Shower Theme
When many people think of spring they think of that old saying “April showers bring May flowers”.  For this reason, a rain shower theme is an adorable idea for a spring baby shower.  You can start off by sending invitations in the shape of an umbrella.  Then, you can decorate with rain drops and umbrellas.  Each guest can be sent home with an umbrella as their shower favor.  It is really a fun way to infuse the season and the term shower into the baby shower theme.

Spring Flower Theme
When many people think of spring they think of flowers.  For this reason, a spring flower theme is a great idea.  You can decorate the party with fresh tulips and flower centerpieces.  Plus, you can give each attendee a potted flower in a decorated pot for their shower favor.  As a slight twist, you can substitute our Lil’ Gardener Diaper Cake as a centerpiece instead of flowers.   This would really tie the whole theme together with additional spring accents.  This tends to be one of the more feminine baby shower themes, so it is more suited for a mother to be who is having a girl.

There is so much more you can do with these spring baby shower themes if you put your mind to it.  I hope these ideas gave you some food for thought.  You may want to check with the guest of honor to make certain she is comfortable with a spring baby shower theme before you spend a lot of time putting things together.  What may sound good to you may not fit her tastes exactly so it’s best to check just to make certain.  Have fun planning.

3 Baby Shower Games to Get the Party Started

Planning a baby shower can be a fun and exciting task.  However, one potential challenge is coming up with baby shower games that will liven up the baby shower and get your guests chatting.  Ideally, you would want to find baby shower games that are fun and conversational.  This will help mesh the different groups of attendees together into one unified party group.

Here’s 3 baby shower games you can play to get your shower started on an upbeat note:

Guess the Baby Food
Guessing games are a great way to get people talking at a baby shower.  One of the best baby shower games that involves guessing is called Guess the Baby Food.   To play this guessing game you need to purchase several flavors of baby food and then remove the labels from the jars.   Number each jar and it’s corresponding label so you know which jar contains which ingredients.   Provide each guest with a piece of paper, pen and spoon.  Have each guest taste or smell each jar and then try to guess the contents of each jar.   The person with the most correct guesses wins.

20 Questions About Mommy
One of the things that everyone at a baby shower has in common is they know the mother to be.  For this reason, baby shower games involving mom are very popular.  A game called 20 Questions About Mommy is a wonderful way to see who knows the guest of honor best.  Here’s how it works.  Have the mother to be answer twenty questions about herself.   The questions can be of your choosing, but some ideas would include things about her food cravings, or baby name preferences.  Keep her answers secret and give all the guests a quiz.  Have the guest of honor read her answers aloud after all the attendees have taken the quiz.  Again, the person with the most correct answers wins.

Don’t Say Baby
One of the best baby shower games is either called Don’t Say Baby.  To play this game each guest will be given a diaper pin to wear on their shirt when they arrive at the baby shower.  They will be instructed to not say the word baby at all.  If they say the word “baby” another shower guest can take their pin, and likewise if they hear another shower guest say “baby” they can do the same.  At the end of the baby shower the person who has collected the most diaper pins wins.  This game gets people laughing, and it is much more difficult than it sounds!

Well I hope you will find these games interesting for your baby shower plans.  You can obviously use these baby shower games as is or tailor them to help create a memorable baby shower.  Enjoy!

Top 3 Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Planning a baby shower is hard work, but if you choose the right baby shower theme it can be fun and exciting. Naturally, if you know the sex of the child you are welcoming it makes the planning process that much easier. In this post, I’m suggesting the following top 3 boy baby shower themes to help get you started.

  1. One of the most popular baby shower themes for boys is sports. For many people boys and sports go hand and hand, so this a natural choice. The possibilities for this shower theme are endless. You can make invitations in the shape of a football or another type of ball. Plus, you can ask the guests to bring sports related items for the baby like tiny footballs or local sports team jerseys in infant size. This is a great theme to consider if you are having a coed shower, but it also works well in general.
  2. Planes, trains and automobiles are all among the popular baby shower themes for boys. Let’s face it, little boys love playing with cars, boats, trains and planes, so this is a natural choice for both nursery decor and shower theme. For this theme you can hang airplanes from the ceiling to decorate, and pick your invitations to feature a plane, train, car or boat.
  3. Many people choose an animal theme when they are planning a baby shower for a boy. Animal baby shower themes vary greatly because you can choose safari animals, sea animals or domestic animals like cats and dogs. This is a particularly great theme if the mother to be is decorating the nursery in an animal theme. You can ask each guest to bring a stuffed animal for the decor.

There are obviously many other boy baby shower themes that you can choose from when you are planning a baby shower. The important thing to remember is what the mother to be will like and what fits her personality style. For instance, you don’t want to pick a sports theme if her and her partner are not at all interested in sports. The best thing to do when choosing a shower theme is to look at the mother to be’s nursery theme and the pattern choices she has chosen on her registry. Keeping her in mind will ensure everything goes smoothly and that the day is memorable for her.  We have a special section on our site featuring diaper cakes for baby boys.  You can check it out for more theme ideas and as centerpiece ideas for your table decor.