Can You Really Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

Baby Gender
Can You Really Pick the Gender of Your Baby?

A popular trend among couples is gender selection.  The theory behind gender selection is that methods can be used to choosing sex of the baby before conception.  Can you really pick a gender before becoming pregnant?  Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis or “PGD” is a scientific method that half of the fertility clinics in America are using to allow couples to choose the sex of their baby.  The process is also used to screen for genetic defects among embryos. Banned in several countries including Canada and Britain the practice is causing a major debate among experts. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and The American Society for Reproductive Medicine oppose using the method for gender selections.

Some of the Craziest Methods Employed

Old wives tales tell us there are many ways to choosing sex of the baby without the use of modern medicine and are certainly more fun.  Conflicting stories are rampant among the old wives tales while one might tell you to eat meat for a boy another tale might say to eat meat to conceive a girl during pregnancy.  There is no hard evidence whether any of these methods work, although the internet poll takers seem to agree that they work in about 50% of cases.  Some of the most popular ways to pick a gender without the use of PGD are quite fun and, some, even amusing. Check them out!


  • For a boy mom and dad should eat red meat, for a baby girl they should eat fish and veggies.
  • For a girl both partners should eat avocado peels before the attempt, for a baby boy avoid them.
  • For a boy the male partner should consume caffeine, for a girl he should avoid it.
  • For a girl both mom and dad should partake in sweets during pregnancy, for a boy they should salty foods.

Doing the Deed

  • If the male initiates sex it will be a boy, if the women initiates it, a girl.
  • For a girl the woman should be on top, for a boy the man.
  • If the male has an orgasm first the baby will be male, if the female orgasms first the baby will be female.
  • For a girl, the male’s testicles should be cool to produce cool sperm, for a boy they should be warm to produce warm sperm.
  • For a boy do the deed when there is a quarter of the moon, for a girl do the deed on the full moon.
  • For a girl have sex in the afternoon, for a boy at night.
  • For a boy have sex standing up, for a girl use the missionary position.
  • For a girl attempt conception on an even day of the month, for a boy go for an odd day.
  • For a boy do the deed with moms head facing south, for a girl moms head should be facing north.  Not sure about east or west.  One of each maybe?

What experiences do you have with gender selection?  Have you had success in choosing gender or have the old wives tales failed you?

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10 Most Unusual Baby Names of 2010

What Baby Name Would You Choose?
What Baby Name Would You Choose?

One of the most exciting things about having a baby is deciding on a name.  Couples find many ways to decide on a name including compiling lists, creating names by combing words and adding letters, and some just wait until they hear a name and “know” that is what they should name their children.  While it seems the trend is that parents are falling in love with traditional names many parents choose to stray off the beaten path.

Where to Find Unusual Baby Names?

Names can come from virtually anywhere.  There are thousands of websites dedicated to baby names and parents can use online creators to scramble any word into a name.  Many people are naming their babies after days of the week or months in a year.  Trees, Plants and flowers are another favorite among new parents.  Biblical and Victorian names are increasing in popularity as well.

The Social Security Administration publishes a list every year of the most popular baby names in America.  Surfers can use the search function to look up a name and see how many Americans were given your favorite name.

While there are no official lists published for 2010, surfing popular mom-to-be and parenting forums one can easily tell what the trends are.  Finding unique names can be a bit trickier.

Here’s Our Lil Baby Cakes Top 10 Unusual Baby Names

  1. Akira- Japanese in origin meaning “intelligent”. Traditionally a name for a male, Americans are breaking the tradition and bestowing the name on their daughters
  2. Gareth- Traditional Welsh name for a boy meaning gentle
  3. Henrique- The Portuguese equivalent of Henry in America
  4. Jade-a unisex name meaning “Precious Green Stone”
  5. Luna- a female name that is Latin for “Moon”.
  6. Mace- a male name of French origin meaning “Club”
  7. River- a unisex name with the literal meaning of “River”
  8. Rowan- a unisex name in America however originating from Ireland as a traditional boy name and refers to the “Rowan tree”
  9. Ryce- meaning “powerful” this traditional Anglo-Saxon boy name is making headway in the search for unique baby names
  10. Willow- a unisex name meaning “Willow Tree”

The Buzz for Second Names

Many couples are going for the extremely rare and unique names and try to match up middle names that sound great with the first and last name.  This is not an easy task in some cases. More often than not parents like to use family names for the middle names here are some suggestions on popular family names as middle names:

  1. Akira Marie
  2. Gareth Jacob
  3. Henrique Allen
  4. Jade Leah
  5. Luna Rose
  6. Mace George
  7. River Nicole
  8. Rowan Michael
  9. Ryce John
  10. Willow Elizabeth

Since naming a baby is a major endeavor it would be wise to research the various names and meanings before committing to any given name.  However many people have names “come” to them in dreams and they just “know” that is what they should name their child.

Discuss and Share the most unusual baby names you’ve heard!  What are your experiences with naming little ones?  Comment and share with a buzz of mommy and daddies-to-be on our website!  Who knows what exotic new baby name you might discover for your newborn baby.

10 Great Baby Books Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Read

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in the life of any woman.  Her body goes through a myriad of changes–a full-on, non-stop  package of changes for 9 months.

It comes with both anxiety and the unbounded joy of bringing forth a fresh new life into this world.  We also find out the growing discomfort of all the body changes presents an additional set of challenges throughout the pregnancy.

No woman will forget these 9 months of her life  ( I know I never will!),  no matter how many times she goes through it.  This can also be a time filled with questions, anxiety, and nervousness for the father-to-be.  So what’s the best way to deal with all these changes to your physical and emotional body?  The answer is simple: Information.  You’ll want to be backed with all the information and support you can get.  Now, the online revolution has made everything, including pregnancy information, very “digital”.  But I’m still going to say, nothing can beat a good old book, packed with wisdom and advice of childbearing.  So grab a copy, curl up with your partner, and settle down for a peaceful evening with two steaming mugs of coffee  (decaf, of course for the mom to be)!

To help you with some great information, we’ve put together our Lil’ Baby Cakes list of the 10 great pregnancy bestsellers (definitely not to be missed):

1. What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi E. Murkoff

What to Expect When Your Expecting

This one just had to make it to the top of our list.  It’s a book for the new moms of the new era.  It’s THE most thorough pregnancy book written in a friendly voice.  Dozens of questions like week-by-week fetal growth, pre-conception, and carrying multiples are answered.  Even issues with current trends in lifestyle like belly piercings, tattooing, and aromatherapy, are discussed in relation to your growing baby.

2. Your Pregnancy Bible by Anne Deans

Your Pregnancy Bible

It’s been around for years, and now it’s available in a new and revised version! It’s been written by an accomplished team of specialists and is filled with basically ALL that parents-t-be need to know – from the first trimester right down to the birth and care of your beloved newborn.  Emma’s Diary calls it, “The most comprehensive pregnancy manual on the market.”

3. The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Lovine

Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy

In this one, the gun-loving author shares with her readers her personal experiences with pregnancy and also relays parts of her friends’ pregnancies. Definitely a good read if you’re looking for something a little toned down, yet still informative. She believes the best way a woman can learn and cope with all the challenges that come with pregnancy is through a fellow woman who has gone through the same process. Any questions an expectant mother may have from morning sickness to tender breasts have been answered.

4. Maitland Maternity by Marisa Carroll

Maitland Maternity

This is a fictitious and exciting story about a a mother and her pursuits for love. If you’re looking for a change from the regular informational tone, you should try this novel.  It tells the tale of a stubborn protagonist who ignores letters and heartfelt mementoes from a mother who gave her and her brothers and sisters up to adoption, 25 years too late. Simultaneously, Lana’s tribulations with raising her child with a foreign lover teach her how the decisions made in love aren’t necessarily easy all the time.

5. Baby 411 by Denise Fields and Ari Brown M.D.

Baby 411

This book is in its’ 4th printing. It contains over 500 pages of useful information to guide the new mom in the care of the newborn . Tips about health, sleep, and nutrition are covered using a question and answer format which makes it easy to maneuver through the book and pick out the most timely topics. You’ll keep this as a ready reference as you begin the transition from being pregnant to becoming a mom. Lastly, the book features a decent glossary of terms and some reference pages that contain growth charts and additional recommended reading material.

6.  Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy

Belly Laughs

You’ll simply adore this Jenny’s tone of writing. Fun, yet jam-packed with everything you need to know about pregnancy and child birth. Furthermore, this book has made it possible for women to discuss issues problematic issues such as hemorrhoids and bowel movements that occur during childbirth. Such topics have always been left unspoken in the dark ages, as it was not “lady like” or proper.

7.  The Pregnancy Journal; a Day-to-Day Guide to a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy by A. Christine Harris

The Pregnancy Journal

This book gives mothers the opportunity to write down their experiences right from conception to birth. You get to see the physical changes as well as those of the unborn baby on a daily basis. I know women have different opinions about keeping a journal so this may not be the best choice for everyone. But for me, I personally think over the years, this can be a timeless resource to go back and read to revisit some years down the road.

8.  The Bloke’s Guide to Pregnancy by Jon Smith

Bloke's Guide to Pregnancy

Finally something for our expecting daddy! If you or your partner are looking for some information and advice from a male point of view, this is your book. It’s been based on real-life stores and interviews from more than a 100 fathers. It’s going to teach the father-to-be what to expect, how to deal with it, and maybe even love the experience along the way.

9.  Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

In this book, Ina May Gaskin, one of America’s top midwives, shares with you all the hidden secrets and wisdom relating to childbirth. Sharing a treasure box full of information that only comes from 3 full decades of experience, Ina gently takes you through everything from why the natural birth method is preferred to realizing the beauty of the experience. It tells you the true facts about what happens during labor and gives you invaluable tips. If you’re looking for those things your doctor didn’t necessarily tell you, this is a must-read.

10.  What to Eat When You’re Expecting by Dr Rana Conway

What to Eat When You're Expecting

With the help of this book, women learn more about the best foods to eat during pregnancy, not only better for her, but also to the advantage of the unborn baby. I know that nutrition can be hard to focus on when your body is doing “flip-flops” all the time but with some effort this book can really help with a critical part of your pregnancy.

I hope that these fantastic top-selling pregnancy reads help you and your partner to make your pregnancy journey as smooth and easy as possible. Maybe your favorite book is not on the list. If not, feel free to add a comment with your favorite and let’s make this post grow to be a resource for all the new moms-to-be out there. I know I had plenty of resources to read when I was pregnant, so I wanted to at least try to offer a starting list based on today’s most popular reads. Happy reading!