3 Nursery Decorating Ideas for Boys

Home Run Nursery Idea from Kids Line
Home Run Nursery from Kids Line

One of the most exciting things about being pregnant is buying all the new baby items. I remember going out and getting little clothes, hats, booties and bibs to prepare for the arrival of each of my boys. In fact, I learned preparing for a baby by cleaning and decorating the nursery is biological.  Pregnant women have a “nesting” instinct which guides us to prepare and get everything ready for baby’s arrival. With these thoughts in mind, I thought to offer up the following nursery decorating ideas for boys.  I hope you can use these ideas to get your little guy’s room in tip top shape before his arrival.

Jungle Theme
One of the cutest nursery decorating ideas for boys is a jungle theme. There are tons of items you can buy to decorate a boy’s nursery with a jungle theme. Plush jungle animals and baby toys are sold in almost every baby store. Plus, you can easily find bedding and decor items for this theme. A spin on this theme would be safari animals or barnyard animals. What you choose depends on whether you want to go with a monkey and parrot theme or lion and tiger theme.

Transportation Theme
Another adorable nursery decorating idea for boys is a transportation theme. Think cars, trucks, fire engines, boats, planes, bulldozers, school buses and even bicycles. Little boys love things that go, so this is a perfect theme if you are looking for something that can transition to a toddler room. Plus, the bright primary colors that you can decorate with when you choose this theme will be so visually stimulating for your baby. You can even hang traffic signs about the room for a decorative touch. There is an adorable road map rug you can buy that looks great plus it’s functional when your son starts to play with cars.

Sports Theme
When it comes to nursery decorating ideas for boys, sports theme are the most popular. Like the transportation theme, the sports theme can grow with your baby. Some people choose a general sports theme using a combination of different sports like basketball, football, soccer and baseball. Others go more direct and choose one single sport that they love and want to share with their child like the NASCAR theme baby bedding or surfing theme baby bedding. There are even cartoon character sports themes that you can decorate a boy’s nursery with like sports theme baby Snoopy and vintage Mickey Mouse sports theme.

I hope these ideas can help get you started on a nursery theme for your baby boy.  You can also browse our diaper cakes for boys section on our main website for more ideas.

I’ll be including a corresponding post for girls in a couple of days.

June 2009 Diaper Cake of the Month

It’s June already! This month I created a 3 Lil’ Pigs diaper cake. There is alot behind why I wanted to make this cake. First, the stuffed lil pigs are so soft and their curly tails put a smile on my face. Second, I like the little silver piggy bank on top. I remember my kids getting piggy banks when they were born (now I wish there was more in them since teens require more pocket change).  Finally, my last thought – our family vacation is the first week of July and I still feel like I may be one of the little piggy’s on the beach in my suit :-). I hope the beginning of this summer season starts off with warm days, ice cream cones, and BBQ’s with friends and family. School is out in 10 days – wow!  I hope you like this cake and the story behind the design.

3 Baby Shower Favors to Delight Your Guests

Candy makes a great baby shower favorThere are many details that you need to consider when you are planning a baby shower and naturally the smaller details are important. One of the smaller details are the baby shower favors. The favor is a keepsake not only for the guest but a keepsake for the mother to be as well. With this in mind I put together 3 favor ideas you can use that are sure to delight the new mom and her guests.

Candy Favors
When it comes to baby shower favors many people enjoy something with candy. This can range from mints wrapped in coordinating tulle to jelly beans and of course the old standby chocolate. For the do it yourselfer,  you could make chocolate lollipops that are shaped like baby items. Molds to make lollipops can be purchased online or at a craft supply store. You can decorate them in colors to match the baby shower theme. The great thing about candy favors is they serve as both a keepsake for the expectant mom, as she will probably want to save one to remember the day, and a treat for all the guests.

Personalized Keepsake
Another great idea for baby shower favors is to give a personalized keepsake that can your guests can use after the baby shower. Some ideas along this line include something generic such as a small blue or pink candle in a jar or tin, or you can buy small tea or coffee bags. Regardless of what you select, most can be personalized with a label to commemorate the special day.

Picture Frame
One of the best ideas when it comes to baby shower favors is to do something with a frame. You can give a frame that already has a picture of the ultrasound in it or you can give a blank frame with a note card that says: “Coming Soon”. If you choose the later, the mother to be can send a picture of the baby when he or she is born along with her thank you cards for the shower. There are obviously many styles of frames you can choose from such as magnet frames, keychain frames, standard frames, or a combination of all three.  As with the candy favors and personalized keepsake suggestions, you can decorate or buy the frames to match the theme of the baby shower.

As you can imagine there are many online places to buy baby shower favors.  Two suggestions are Beau-Coup and Corner Stork.