A Diaper Cake Makes a Great Baby Shower Centerpiece for any Baby Shower Celebration

So, you have decided to host a baby shower. How exciting!

Baby Shower

One of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make when hosting a baby shower is to choose the right theme. There are many possibilities, so it will be up to you to decide how detailed you want to be. For some people, having a blue theme for boys or a pink theme for girls is exactly what they are after. Others consider using characters such as a ladybug or giraffe, trying to match their theme as closely as possible with what mom and dad have used to decorate the nursery, while still others get more detailed with decorations depicting a winter wonderland or jungle.

No matter what you decide, you'll want to carry your theme over into invitations and decorations. A great way to create a focal point for your shower is to use a baby diaper cake as a centerpiece for your design motif. A baby diaper cake is a decoration made of  Pampers that are placed into the shape of a tiered cake and are covered in cute baby items that match the theme.

Why Use Baby Diaper Cakes?

There are many good reasons for using a baby diaper cake to decorate for a baby shower. Here are the top seven reasons hosts and hostesses decide to buy a baby diaper cake:

1.    The Adorable Factor

Baby diaper cakes are cute as well as unique! The mom-to-be will ooh and ahh,” and may even have to fight the urge to cuddle the diaper cake! Not only the mom (and maybe even the dad), but all of the guests will appreciate just how adorable these cakes are, and a beautifully crafted diaper cake will quickly because the center of attention for any shower!

2.    The Practical Factor

Most traditional baby shower decorations, such as napkins, plates, balloons, confetti, and tablecloths, are money down the drain. You use them to make the shower look pretty, and then you throw them away. This is not true with a baby diaper cake. Since the cake is made with dozens of Pampers brand diapers, and decorated with premium-quality baby items, the entire baby diaper cake is usable after the baby shower. Mom and dad are going to get plenty of cute onesies (that won’t fit for very long) and a ton of cute nursery items (that look nice, but won’t do anything for them). With a diaper cake, they’ll have a unique and memorable centerpiece that not only looks great, but helps them out after the shower is over.

3.    The Fun Factor

Getting baby diapers is always appreciated at a baby shower, and you can certainly never have too many, but it can be boring to just open up a pack of Pampers. There is nothing boring about an adorable baby diaper cake! The charm and cuteness that is inherent in these adorable cakes will put a smile on the face of everyone in the room.

4.    The Inclusive Factor

No matter what theme you choose, you can have a baby diaper cake that adds to the ambiance. Is the shower for a boy? There is a baby diaper cake for that. Is the shower for twins? There is a baby diaper cake for that, too. Mom and dad want their shower themed around sports, or around cute farm animals? We’ve got you covered there as well. No matter the gender, theme, or time of year, a baby diaper cake is the perfect decoration.

5.    Adoption Factor

Some showers are for babies that are being adopted, even beyond infancy. As long as the child is still in diapers, a baby diaper cake can fit the occasion, and will add a wonderful, personal touch that really expresses just how proud and happy you are for the parents, who will soon fill that child’s life with all of the love and devotion they’ll ever need.

6.    The Memory Factor.

A baby shower should be memorable, and using a baby diaper cake as part of your decorations will certainly be a one of a kind attention getter that will be remembered by the mom-to-be and all the guests for many years to come. The diaper cake will set your theme, be an icebreaker as everyone talks about your smart choice, and excellent taste, of using a gorgeous diaper cake, and look beautiful in all the photos.

7.    The Ease Factor

When planning a shower, the details can get overwhelming. However, when you choose to use a baby diaper cake, not only do you have the main decoration taken care of, you also have your gift for the mom-to-be. It saves you time, money, and the headache and heartache of stressing over finding the perfect gift, or trying to make one yourself. How easy is that?

How Can You Use A Baby Diaper Cake For Decorating?

Most baby diaper cakes are used in one of two areas: the food table centerpiece and the gift table centerpiece.

Adding a centerpiece to the food table is a wonderful way to add flair to the party. In years past, the table centerpiece was often a bouquet of flowers that would eventually die and be thrown away. How much better to use a baby diaper cake that is far cuter than a vase of flowers, and can then go home with the expectant parent for use once the baby arrives? It’s also perfect for such occasions because it will stand out, in a beautiful and engaging way, and immediately draw attention to your table. Imagine the wonderful comments as the mom-to-be and guests see the baby diaper cake for the first time.

Another idea is to use the baby shower diaper cake as a centerpiece for the gift table. As guests come in, one of the first things they do is ask where to place their gift. What a wonderful way to have guests squealing with delight and excitement over the theme and decorations as they enter for the party!

However, don't feel that this is the only way to use the baby diaper cake as a decoration. It could also be placed in a corner with other theme-related items, on a guest registry table, or even the fireplace mantle or hearth. Wherever you choose to put your diaper know, you can be certain that it will become the topic of discussion for the entire shower!

No matter your theme, a baby diaper cake will help make your party look fantastic. Make your baby shower great by buying a baby diaper cake and using it as a centerpiece that everyone will talk about!

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