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Diaper Shower - A Great Alternative to a Traditional Baby Shower

Diaper showers are a fun, yet practical, way to celebrate the birth of a new baby. Instead of providing the expectant mother with piles of tiny baby clothes that will only be worn once or twice before they are outgrown, a diaper shower makes sure she has what every new parent needs the most – a large supply of diapers!


Diaper showers are most often held to celebrate the birth of a second child, since the parents are likely to already have many of the items they will need to care for a newborn. However, a diaper shower is also a great idea when the mom-to-be has received hand-me-downs from a friend or has already been honored at several other baby showers with various loved ones.


If you're hosting a diaper shower for an expectant mother, communication is key.Whether you make or buy the invitations for your shower, make sure they clearly state the theme of the event. Although diaper showers are becoming more popular each day, there are still people who have never attended this type of baby shower. Since a diaper shower invitation won't include the typical baby registry information, you'll want to provide a bit of assistance in helping guests come up with an appropriate gift.


When hosting a diaper shower, keep in mind that babies grow very fast. It's a good idea to have some of the guests buy diapers larger than the newborn size, in order to increase the odds that the mom-to-be will be able to use all of the diapers she receives. Items such as baby wipes and diaper rash cream are also good choices for a diaper shower gift.


As far as decorations go, diaper cakes are a necessity at any diaper shower. A diaper cake is a decorative accent made out of rolled baby diapers. Depending upon the cake size, it can feature 40-110 diapers. The cake is often embellished with other practical baby items, such as bottles, baby shampoo, baby lotion, pacifiers, rattles, or small stuffed animals. Diaper cakes are most often made with disposable diapers, but this type of baby shower gift can also be created with cloth diapers if this is what the expectant mother prefers.


You can use one large diaper cake as an eye-catching baby shower centerpiece or have smaller cakes on each guest table. Add a few balloon bouquets and some diapered stuffed animals to complete the look.


You can find unique diaper cakes to fit every budget at Lil Baby Cakes. Our selection includes diaper cakes for boys, diaper cakes for girls, gender neutral cakes, and diaper cakes arranged by sizes. Our commitment to originality and attention to detail ensures that every cake is a work of art that's guaranteed to earn rave reviews from the mom-to-be.