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Looney Tunes/Bugs Bunny Custom Diaper Cake

Candy, I absolutely loved the Looney Tunes/Bugs Bunny personalized 5-tier diaper cake that you made!  I requested one thing and just gave you the main details of my decorations for the baby shower... and the product was beautiful!  I could not have picked any other company to make this perfect centerpiece for my best friend's baby ...
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Our Lil’ Monkey Diaper Cake Testimonial

Hi Candy, I'm John a 44 year old single male living in Massachusetts that has a friend and she lives in Kennebunkport Maine. She had a baby girl ,  After viewing MANY MANY baby gift sites on the internet , I found your site thru a lot of searching and found your cakes both reasonable in cost and packed with QUALITY (key ...
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Beach Baby 2 Tier Diaper Cake

Candy, Thanks so much for the gorgeous Beach Baby 2 Tier diaper cake! It looked absolutely perfect with the beach themed shower and the mom-to-be loved it! She said the diapers look like they will be a good fit for the new baby that is to arrive next month and she was pleasantly surprised by the ...
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Green/Pink Elephant Diaper Cake

I purchased the green/pink elephant diaper cake to bring as a gift to the hospital instead of flowers. It was perfect. The colors matched great with the theme of the nursery and it was very well put together. Diapers will always be a necessity for a newborn. I would definately shop from Lil baby cakes ...
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