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Baby Shower Centerpieces


A Diaper Cake Makes a Great Baby Shower Centerpiece for any Baby Shower Celebration

Diaper Cake for Baby Shower Centerpiece

Here's 3 Reasons Why...

  • It’s absolutely adorable! Second only to the glowing new Mom, your unique diaper cake centerpiece will be the center of attention. You may find yourself overwhelmed with the urge to cuddle the diaper cake!
  • It’s practical! Each diaper cake is created with dozens of fluffy Pampers, and artfully ornamented with a wide assortment of premium-quality baby items. Every bit of your diaper cake is usable after the baby shower.
  • It’s fun! It sets the theme for your baby shower, plus it’s a guaranteed icebreaker. Everyone will be talking about your smart choice of a gorgeous diaper cake centerpiece. You’ll create lasting memories while proving your exquisite taste and sense of style.
“Just wanted to say thank-you! I received the diaper cake in time for the baby shower I was hosting and was thrilled with it! You do wonderful work, and it was a fabulous centerpiece! Thanks again. If I ever need another one I will be sure to order from you!”
Lisa Covin, Astoria, New York

16 Item(s)

16 Item(s)